Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to reality

***It has literally taken 4 days to write this post!***

Finally, I'm back to reality. LIFE got in the way for a while "PHEW"
So much has happened and so much is going on... I have so many blog posts brewing in my head right now!
I don't even know where to start. First, do you like the "new" look? I am trying to learn how to create and modify templates... Bear with me!

The last few weeks have been a real blur. I was scheduled to return to work on the 20th, but as I said "LIFE" got in the way. All was good with the world, I was dreading coming back to work. Let me explain. While there was a point in my life I said I could never be a stay at home mom... That was then, and this is now! I spent 4 amazing months home with my kids... I LOVED EVERY minute of it! (Even the, er 110 degree days, 9 months pregnant with no a/c) I was even searching the internet for ways to be a WAHM... I just couldn't see leaving my babies (er, girls) we had so much amazing time together. Then, just after Labor Day our eldest began to get sick... little did we know what was in store for us. (Preface, while her illness was serious, so serious she could have died, I don't want anyone to think for one minute that I'm trying to make this bigger than what it was) Ahem, moving on (or rewinding back to September 10,2010) Drea came home from school with a headache, infact she was in tears it was that bad. (This is the child who has such the high pain tolerance that at three she was asking the doc for a Rocephen shot so she didn't have to take Amoxil)
We gave her the usual dose of Motrin and on we went... minutes later she was vomiting.The next 5 days she continue to have this dibilitating headache, vomiting, and a fever in upwards of 104. On the 5th day I took her to our local ER.... MISTAKE BIG MISTAKE!!! Although their claim to fame is that they are a Top 100 Hospital, I think not! After a lengthy (insert sarcasm here) 12 minute visit, she was diagnosed with Migranes and sent home on anti-nausea meds... REALLY? Even I know that migranes don't bring on 104 fevers for 5 days! The next day I took her to our family doc... She said sinus infection, I wasn't convinced, but it was something and we were on an antibiotic so I was a little at ease. Three doses of meds and 48 hours later her fever kept getting higher so we elected to go to Children's Hospital, THANK GOD! Literally, I have been on my knees thanking God daily, sometimes hourly! To think we were literally hours from loosing our first born just days before her 8th birthday. After a battery of tests the ER doc didn't know what was wrong, but wasn't sending her home either, so they admitted her. Another few hours and we had a diagnosis: Encephalitis and Aeseptic Menegitis.... While there isn't treatment for either, had they not provided supportive care through IV fluids, IV pain medications, and IV anti-nausea medications our 44 pound 8 year old would've slipped away from us... Like I said, definitely not terminal, but a few more hours and I'd be writing a totally different post. We have our little love back to normal and quite frankly that's all that matters now!

I am now back to work and actually loving it. While working from home would definitely be my preference. I have to say I love my job, and you know what I am really good at it! I have always had drive and  that need for success... In whatever I do. That's just who I am. It's nice to walk into my office where everyone knows your name, and not because they "know" you, but they "know" who you are from the things that you accomplish.

The kids have returned to public school... a new public school and they are really advancing. This was definitely the right decision. Until my husband or I can knowingly be home full-time homeschool just simply isn't an option.

I have many upcoming posts. Please stick around because there is going to be a lot of information coming your way!

In His Love,

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