Friday, October 22, 2010

The Middle Place, Family, Business, and Randomness

It’s time to inevitably either force my husband into another stint away with the Navy or suck up the cost of additional medical bills on our own until the military can figure out our insurance “issue”. About three months ago, er well it might be longer, three months ago is when I noticed it anyway, I found a large bruise to the left of my spine on my back. It simply isn’t getting better and I feel that it is probably time to talk to the doctor about it. While it could easily be nothing at all, in my experiences, it could be “something”. I simply couldn’t stand the thought of it being something that I never took care of, thus compromising my ability to care for my our children.
I guess what really made me think about this is that I have been reading a book over the past few days while I’m pumping at work. The book is written by Kelly Corrigan and is titled “The Middle Place”. She defines the middle place as that endless, irresistible, often exasperating comparison between your family of origin and the family that you have made. Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer while having 2 small children at home. I’m not through the book, I’m only on chapter 8, but it is definitely one of those books that you hate to put down. It is very encouraging and definitely a tear jerker! It is words that we as women, and we as mothers, hope we never hear, but in the same moment, know that there is hope and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s nice to hear the perspective from another woman on your own terms.
It’s time that we are heading into a full fledge busy family weekend. I am hoping to get my cleaning done tonight as I am having a business meeting tomorrow at 2 with my new business partner. I am also thinking that I am going to call Sheana and see if she would shoot some of our products for a catalog. This would help with sales. I am really hoping this takes off, I’d love to be a WAHM!!!
I had the opportunity to have lunch with the Vice President of Operations today for my company. I work for the largest Auto insurer in the country… Like a good neighbor… Do you know where?  He is such an interesting man. I also had the opportunity to meet and network with one of the marketing directors. I believe marketing is my niche… we shall see! 
Well that’s about enough randomness for one post I suppose.

God Bless

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