Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How may we pray for you?

On Tuesday's, A love worth waiting for, hosts How may we pray for you. As we have been falling to God more and more, opening ourselves and believing that everything that happens is for His reason, I truly believe that we have people praying for us... and I want to pray for them, and you! So what do you need?

Today I am praying for our church, I am praying that God leads more believers to our doors so that we can show them fellowship.

I am praying for my mother, who is experiencing several chronic health conditions, internal bleeding, spinal stenosis, and diabetes to name a few. I am praying that doctors heal her so that she can be a more vibrant and young grandma like she is!

I am praying for our friends, all of them. Whatever they need, God knows, but I am praying that they get what they need.

I am praying for my family, I am praying that whatever God has in store for us, that we can be stewards of his mission. And I'm praying for you.

The last few days I can't help but find myself reciting Psalm 118:24, or a variation of it... It get's me through the day, what verse gets you through?

     This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
     Psalms 118:24

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Please link up if you wish, and I will pray for you!

God Bless!

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