Friday, October 1, 2010

Thrift shopping at it's finest

Wednesday I had the opportunity to spend time with my husband's family.  As you know I love to thrift shop... In the words of Jim Bob Duggar: "Buy used, Save the difference." While there isn't much saving going on right now with my darling husband being laid off, buying used is still the way to go especially with kids! I have to say I found some AMAZING deals!

When I was asked to go I was thrilled! I LOVE thrift stores. Josh's grandma said I needed to be at her house by 7:45am... She lives 45 minutes away! So I proceeded to get up  (er, earlier than I do for work) and head to Logan. I met up with his grandma and two aunts. We traveled to Columbus. WOW... Not only do these ladies mean business, but so do the customers. We got there a little after 9... like 9:03, they were already out of carts... People were WAY rude, but in their defense there were a couple hundred people in this store! I should mention on this particular day EVERYTHING in the store was at least 50% off the already low thrift price...

I acquired some really  good deals so here you go:
At the first location:

1.) King size quilt. I bought it because I LOVE quilts and because this fabric was Toile...
2.) Two King sized fitted sheets for the new business
3.) 10 towels, these are going to be used to make bath dresses for the kids
4.) tap shoes for Payge
5.) about 15 outfits for the kids
6.) multiple baby blankets for the new business
7.) a knock-off coach purse
8.) several other items for the business
9.) Ann Taylor Dress jacket
10.) Saddle shoes for Josey's halloween costume
11.) Oodles of pillow cases for pillow case dresses
12.) Super cute fur boots

All in all 4 Extra large shopping bags FULL! $40.00

At the second location:
1.) Full size quilt for the girls
2.) Sheets to make the girls some curtains
3.) Ann Taylor jeans for me
4.) Michael Kors top for me new with tags

5.) Banana Republic shirt for me NWT
6.) Numerous Tank tops for me.
7.)10 outfits for Lybertei
8.)tennis shoes for payge
9.) stride rite shoes for josey
10.)abercrombie belt for me
All for less than $30.00

At the final location:
1.)more pillow cases
2.) TONS of clothes for Josey (all of our 2T and 3T clothes were ruined when our basement
      flooded this summer)
3.) OSU jersey
4.)4 bread pans
5.)cookie sheets
6.) 4 more outfits for me
7.) and 10 prs of knee socks for babylegs... for the business.

All for less than $20

Theres plenty more, I just can't remember it all, and its still in the trunk most of the kids stuff is for Christmas.

Remember just because your are shopping at a thrift store doesn't mean you don't need to be causious. The rule of thumb I use is what ever tags are on sale that day is what  we are shopping for!



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