Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Cry or Not to Cry?

Since the dawn of time there has been the long been the debate of whether to allow a baby to cry his/herself to sleep. From the beginning we have always relied on the ten minute method for our children to put themselves to sleep... until now.

As I have said before there are a lot of factors have changed between baby 4 and baby 5. We have definitely grown as people and as parents. Having two miscarriages after having four successful pregnancies was absolutely devistating to us. It made me more aware of myself, and once we were beyond the "scary" point with Lybertei we were a little more at ease. I believe that I have tried to protect her more than I did with my others, and I feel really guilty to be honest. I mean I don't like people to keep her, touch her, etc. Since the day she was born, all but one night of her little life I have rocked her to sleep... I would not change that for anything, but again I feel guilty. Mommy guilt I suppose. I have decided that this may be the reason that my 7 month old will NOT sleep through the night... She awakes every two hours. We have a solid bedtime routine which includes 2 jars of food and cereal for dinner around 7pm... followed by bath and nursing... hmmm I just am not ready for her to grow up and not need me anymore. I'm having serious issues with this, and to be honest I have no clue why.

So my question to you do you let your babies self soothe and cry or do you give in and hold them.

Wordless Wednesday... Sorta

Is she not the cutest thing ever? I am waiting to hear back from the humane society... I'm hoping we get to adopt her. :) What do you think?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Military Monday Blog Hop

I know I've been MIA lately... I promise to get better... After this week. Last week 4 of the five had influenza A, my Marine brother come to town with his new wife, and I received an order for 25 cloth diapers... This week I have to get my taxes done, Sera is meeting with her psychologist for the final diagnostic testing appointment, and Payge has a pageant in Jackson Ohio... About two hours away from our home, and I still have a ton of homework to get done! Sooo, all that said, I might be mia this week, but I am trying to collectively obtain 100 followers, at which time I will be holding a super cool giveaway, so tell your friends to hop a long and follow.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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Monday, February 14, 2011

My one true love

Every woman, every wife, girlfriend, fiancee, etc. believes that her love is her one true love, myself, I am no different. Many people do not understand the relationship that I have with my husband, however, we have a plan, a system, and we are completely in sync-most of the time.

I love him more than words and to be honest without my loving Sailor, I would not have my 5 beautiful daughters.

I was graced with his smile one hot July day in the summer of 2000. That whitty smile drew me in and I've never let go. I may have loosened the reins a bit over the years, but I never let go. We are now 1,341 miles away from each other for the next 7 months... I miss him, as all military wives miss their spouses while they're away, however, I'll be honest today I am feeling a bit like scrooge... the Valentine Scrooge that is. There are all of these people around the office with their pretty flowers and nice new jewelry, yada yada yada... Here is the thing, we really don't even do much with Valentines ever, but you know what I want... ALL THAT I REALLY WANT, and NEED at this point... A simple HUG from my sailor. I've already had a meltdown at work... I should note that my husband even ordered me a special gift, it's not here yet, but nonetheless, put forth effort towards the holiday that we rarely celebrate to make me feel good... I miss him so much today, I don't know why... I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way.

With that being said... Happy Valentines to my heart and soul.


I've had to take a brief moment to time out from my blog for a few days... Four of our brood have come down with Influenza A... aka, formally known as swine flu... We are almost over it. We trapsed into Urgent Care, the nice receptionist asked who was being seen, and I said... ALL OF them. Payge was brave and took the nasal swab... One confirmed case and 4 with the exact same symptoms equals 4 of the same diagnosis... No treatment, just supportive care: Ice cream, sprite, popsicles, Tylenol, and Motrin.

I am also pausing today to write a post about my Valentine... Tomorrow I'll be back with... CLOTH DIAPERING... Part 2 of my 7 part series in "How I do it"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How do you do it?

I've decided to write a mini-series on, "how we do it". I have been asked a lot receintly by fellow bloggers, family, friends, passer-bys, etc... how we do it... Survive with 5 small children and my husband being away with the military.

As any military wife spouse knows, adaptation is one of the best and essential qualities you must possess. I was recently meeting with Sera's psychologist and I almost felt like it was a mini therapy session for me. He was asking me all of these questions, when I was really there to provide a family history for the 5 step diagnosis process. It was nice to talk to someone who had no opinion in the situation. Sure it is great to talk to family and friends, but they have "opinions" on what they think about the situation, and really... I don't care to hear the negatives, if I am talking to you about something that is wearing on me I probably just want you to listen and not tell me what is wrong with the situation... My apologies, I deviate from the main topic/purpose of this post. This series will consist of 7 posts on 6 topics. I have broken "FOOD" into two posts... Grocery Shopping and Cooking.

Today I will start with Seperation.

As any military spouse knows, seperation is hard. Whether you are alone on a base or home near family, whether you have kids or you are just a happy couple, whether it's your first or your fourth seperation... It NEVER gets easier. While my husband has never been out of the country (although I imagine that will come at some point) he has always been state side. I often wonder if that makes all of this harder. He is so close, yet so far away...I know that I can talk to him daily, making mw want him more, whereas wives who are seperated by nations don't always have that luxury thus they learn to cope differently. (At least that is my perception from those I have spoke with)

Every day is a struggle, but you put your big girl pants on and smile. You go about life knowing that your spouse is serving the greater good. Myself, as I am positive ALL (or nearly all) military wives are PROUD of their Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Coastie, or Airman... We are their number one fan, their cheerleader from the sideline. We learn to adapt to change and to push on.

I personally deal with seperation by engulfing myself in stuff... I dive in head first into projects. Projects alone (like last years 400 cookie bake off), projects with the kids. I keep constantly busy... Much to my own personal demise sometimes.

All in all... DAY BY DAY, MINUTE BY MINUTE, that is how I deal with seperation.

How do you deal with seperations?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Overwhelmed, overstimulated

Life has been, well for lack of a better word, CRAZY. We are all adjusting to DH being away and its well going. I have been playing catch up for weeks trying to get the house clean. It is not so much that its dirty as that it is full of clutter. I need the cleaning fairy to swing by my house... I pay wellThis is going to be one of those random, multi day posts. I started on Monday, and yet here we are on Tueday and I am working on it again.

My husband has been gone for just under a month... It will be a month on Friday. One down only like 8 more to go... hopefully. I've been feeling overwhelmed lately, the stress of work and managing home has really been getting to me. Josh's sister and grandparents offered to take a couple of the girls for the weekend and then a couple more on another weekend. I think (or I hope) that this will help so that I can get some things done. I have got to get the bedrooms rearranged because my brother and his wife will be coming in next Monday. I am not sure if I illuded to that situation. I will be meeting my sister in law for the first time come Monday. My brother is a young Marine who thought it would be smart to marry some girl that he met three months prior who lives in our home state while he is stationed elsewhere. I'm sure she is a great girl. That primal mothering big sister instinct just kicked in when my baby brother calls on Wednesday and says he is getting married on Saturday...I am excited to meet her and finally have someone in my family to connect with.

I have a busy weekend planned, I have to go get our jewelry appraised. Working in insurance has definitely opened my eyes to the fact that we are underinsured. Not that we have anything extravigant but we have a few items that need insured, just because.

I then have to go to my husband's reserve center and pick up docs to send to him, deliver yummy cookies to his unit, and get my new id. I then will be meeting my stepdad to head back to the big city to head over to purchase the girls new beds. If you have an American Freight in your area and you are shopping for furniture, they are very inexpensive and they offer a military discount which is always a plus.

I have been so overstimulated lately. I have been trying to get the house cleaned up and all that fun stuff, but in the mean time when it comes time for bed I can't seem to unwind. I am physically exhausted yet I toss and turn. The TV on the TV off, the fan on, and on and on and on... I tried to start taking vitamins again, which inturn made me feel as though I was dying... No wonder I ended up in the hospital a crazy eight times when I was pregnant.

I baked some cookies Sunday evening and mailed out to some good friends and my darling husband. My hubby and I finally got to Skype last night for the first time since he has been away. It was soooooooo nice, now all I need is a big hug.

Last Thursday I met with Sera's psychologist as we are starting the process of ADHD diagnosis. I really like the doctor, and I think that my husband would also. The first words out of his mouth after the introduction was, "I don't do medicine unless all other avenues have been exhausted, so if you are here for medicine then you are in the wrong place." Music to my ears. IF and only IF nothing else works will we explore the medication route. I just want my baby girl to be given a fair shot.

Well I suppose this is enough randomness for one post. Welcome to my new followers, tell your friends to follow as well. Giveaways begin when we hit 100. I have decided to make it my goal to be at 100 followers by March 15... The day Phase I training is over for my husband and the day we know where he'll head off to next.

God Bless,


Monday, February 7, 2011

Military Monday Blog Hop

Please join me on my journey... 100 followers and we'll be having a give away!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Logistics- I think NOT

Normally I would not be one to complain about something to the extent of posting it on Facebook and my blog, however, the story that is about to follow definitely warrants some publishing.

Rewinding back to LAST Tuesday. Sera Rose had her speech evaluation at the Rehab Center, she did wonderful. They have recommended that we do therapy 1-2 times per week. After the evaluation, I decided to take her and spend the afternoon with her. We had a great time. My husband has been having trouble getting WiFi access and his phone to charge so I decided to order new phones for us. The catch is that my husband is stationed 1300+ miles away. I picked up the phones from our local Sprint store and took his promptly across the street to a UPS shipper. The cost to overnight something via UPS was RIDICULOUS, BUT loving my husband I ate the cost...

Friday rolls around, when the phone is to be delivered. UPS calls, they can't locate the house... hmmm funny because USPS can locate it daily and delivers mail there... ERRR Ok fine, please ship it to base, and I provided the address. Scheduled for Monday, fine what ever.

Fast forward to Monday, I retrack the package... The shipped to the original address, the one that they couldn't find... Realized that it was on the wrong truck, shipped it back to San Antonio... Thus delaying it again. So now we are scheduled for Tuesday. At this point, my blood is BOILING, but working in customer service, I understand that it isn't always the receivers fault, so I maintained my cool.

Tuesday: I track the package, it's on the truck to be delivered. Ok phewww we got it... WRONG! After lunch I view the tracking and now they can't deliver because they can not find the address.... REALLY, we are talking a LARGE military base, one that services ALL branches of the military... HOW CAN YOU SERIOUSLY NOT FIND IT... Remaining calm, I called the store that I shipped it from. They proceed to see what is going on. In the meantime I determine that there is a UPS Store on base. I call the shipper back and say, please have them deliver to the store. He confirms with UPS and all is well. I proceed to call my husband and instruct him to the UPS store after training. He complies, all is well.... No exactly!

He walks to the UPS store... Wrong store... REALLY who knew there were more than one UPS stores on base, so he continues another 6 blocks to the correct store. We were instructed that he would need to present a photo id and then he could retreive his package. He speaks with the cashier, who informs him that if he doesn't know the receipient then he rejects the package... SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean that is your JOB, you are a UPS STORE... Ship/Receive etc. So my husband calls me, madder than all get out... I am screaming at him as well, because at this point we are both frustrated. He leaves the UPS store because the JERK wouldn't tell him whether it was there or not. Hubby headed to pick up his dry cleaning and was heading back to the barracks. Almost back to the barracks and he realizes his wallet is missing. He proceeds to retrace his steps and finds it at the dry cleaners. Walking to the barracks again he receives a call from the UPS store stating that it was delivered and that he would stay open so my husband could retreive it...

All said in done, we have the phone, but the customer service we received from UPS and the whole "LOGISTICS" concept is a joke. I can honestly say NEVER again!

A good experience and they say you tell one person, but have a bad one and they say you tell 10, well guess what... I am sharing with ALL my blog readers and I hope that they too will share. Be leary with UPS and their Logistics concept.

God Bless,