Thursday, February 10, 2011

How do you do it?

I've decided to write a mini-series on, "how we do it". I have been asked a lot receintly by fellow bloggers, family, friends, passer-bys, etc... how we do it... Survive with 5 small children and my husband being away with the military.

As any military wife spouse knows, adaptation is one of the best and essential qualities you must possess. I was recently meeting with Sera's psychologist and I almost felt like it was a mini therapy session for me. He was asking me all of these questions, when I was really there to provide a family history for the 5 step diagnosis process. It was nice to talk to someone who had no opinion in the situation. Sure it is great to talk to family and friends, but they have "opinions" on what they think about the situation, and really... I don't care to hear the negatives, if I am talking to you about something that is wearing on me I probably just want you to listen and not tell me what is wrong with the situation... My apologies, I deviate from the main topic/purpose of this post. This series will consist of 7 posts on 6 topics. I have broken "FOOD" into two posts... Grocery Shopping and Cooking.

Today I will start with Seperation.

As any military spouse knows, seperation is hard. Whether you are alone on a base or home near family, whether you have kids or you are just a happy couple, whether it's your first or your fourth seperation... It NEVER gets easier. While my husband has never been out of the country (although I imagine that will come at some point) he has always been state side. I often wonder if that makes all of this harder. He is so close, yet so far away...I know that I can talk to him daily, making mw want him more, whereas wives who are seperated by nations don't always have that luxury thus they learn to cope differently. (At least that is my perception from those I have spoke with)

Every day is a struggle, but you put your big girl pants on and smile. You go about life knowing that your spouse is serving the greater good. Myself, as I am positive ALL (or nearly all) military wives are PROUD of their Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Coastie, or Airman... We are their number one fan, their cheerleader from the sideline. We learn to adapt to change and to push on.

I personally deal with seperation by engulfing myself in stuff... I dive in head first into projects. Projects alone (like last years 400 cookie bake off), projects with the kids. I keep constantly busy... Much to my own personal demise sometimes.

All in all... DAY BY DAY, MINUTE BY MINUTE, that is how I deal with seperation.

How do you deal with seperations?

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