Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Logistics- I think NOT

Normally I would not be one to complain about something to the extent of posting it on Facebook and my blog, however, the story that is about to follow definitely warrants some publishing.

Rewinding back to LAST Tuesday. Sera Rose had her speech evaluation at the Rehab Center, she did wonderful. They have recommended that we do therapy 1-2 times per week. After the evaluation, I decided to take her and spend the afternoon with her. We had a great time. My husband has been having trouble getting WiFi access and his phone to charge so I decided to order new phones for us. The catch is that my husband is stationed 1300+ miles away. I picked up the phones from our local Sprint store and took his promptly across the street to a UPS shipper. The cost to overnight something via UPS was RIDICULOUS, BUT loving my husband I ate the cost...

Friday rolls around, when the phone is to be delivered. UPS calls, they can't locate the house... hmmm funny because USPS can locate it daily and delivers mail there... ERRR Ok fine, please ship it to base, and I provided the address. Scheduled for Monday, fine what ever.

Fast forward to Monday, I retrack the package... The shipped to the original address, the one that they couldn't find... Realized that it was on the wrong truck, shipped it back to San Antonio... Thus delaying it again. So now we are scheduled for Tuesday. At this point, my blood is BOILING, but working in customer service, I understand that it isn't always the receivers fault, so I maintained my cool.

Tuesday: I track the package, it's on the truck to be delivered. Ok phewww we got it... WRONG! After lunch I view the tracking and now they can't deliver because they can not find the address.... REALLY, we are talking a LARGE military base, one that services ALL branches of the military... HOW CAN YOU SERIOUSLY NOT FIND IT... Remaining calm, I called the store that I shipped it from. They proceed to see what is going on. In the meantime I determine that there is a UPS Store on base. I call the shipper back and say, please have them deliver to the store. He confirms with UPS and all is well. I proceed to call my husband and instruct him to the UPS store after training. He complies, all is well.... No exactly!

He walks to the UPS store... Wrong store... REALLY who knew there were more than one UPS stores on base, so he continues another 6 blocks to the correct store. We were instructed that he would need to present a photo id and then he could retreive his package. He speaks with the cashier, who informs him that if he doesn't know the receipient then he rejects the package... SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean that is your JOB, you are a UPS STORE... Ship/Receive etc. So my husband calls me, madder than all get out... I am screaming at him as well, because at this point we are both frustrated. He leaves the UPS store because the JERK wouldn't tell him whether it was there or not. Hubby headed to pick up his dry cleaning and was heading back to the barracks. Almost back to the barracks and he realizes his wallet is missing. He proceeds to retrace his steps and finds it at the dry cleaners. Walking to the barracks again he receives a call from the UPS store stating that it was delivered and that he would stay open so my husband could retreive it...

All said in done, we have the phone, but the customer service we received from UPS and the whole "LOGISTICS" concept is a joke. I can honestly say NEVER again!

A good experience and they say you tell one person, but have a bad one and they say you tell 10, well guess what... I am sharing with ALL my blog readers and I hope that they too will share. Be leary with UPS and their Logistics concept.

God Bless,


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