Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Back! Not Me Monday with a vengence... or not! :)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to to see what her and everyone else have not been up to this week.


I have been out for a few weeks as I have been computerless... It seems that one can function without their handy-dandy laptop, but it still is no fun!
Here we go...
I didn't on a whim pack up all of my children, rent a car, and book a hotel and travel 7+ hours to the Windy city simply because my husband was homesick and really wanted to see us! That would be irrational!
While in Great Lakes WE (I emphasize WE) did not manage to loose our two year old while in the movie theater. You know the classic, I think she's sitting with him and he thinks she is sitting with me scenario.... (Thankfully she was just a couple rows down wondering thru the aisles... There were maybe 20 people in a 1500 seat theather... :))
In order to make the drive home smoother and minimize the number of stops, I did not purchase a potty chair for my children to use... I would never see the sense in doing something as silly as that. (On a side note it has really assisted in the potty training of our two year old...)
Also since my two year old is way too old for a bottle, but was seriously in a funk... I did not buy her a bottle because she wanted it to make our trip go much smoother... I am also NOT regretting my choice because now I can't get the dang thing away from her! What to do, what to do!
Dinners have not been less than stellar the last few weeks... unless you could sandwiches not stellar! This prego mamma has way too much on her plate to think about meal planning let alone actually following through with it!
I did not spend 9 hours yesterday watching the Law and Order: SVU Marathon on USA! And I will not watch more of the marathon tomorrow. That would just be silly!
I guess that is all for today... I'm feeling kinda in the cleaning kind of mood so I better hop to it! This baby is gonna be here before I know it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I promise I will have MANY updates soon! My computer completely crashed and I got a call today it will be done soon, thank goodness! I am posting from my phone which isn't ideal.

Some upcoming posts include:
Appauled (the religion debate), public schools and nursing homes.

A memorable Not Me Monday that proves to be VERY entertaining.

And a few others. Soon though!