Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I had an amazing day! I got so much accomplished! :) I hate to keep using extreme heat and no air conditioning as an excuse for not getting anything done here at home, however... I believe that is my only problem. This morning I packed up my car with food for the shower and a lot of laundry as well as all the kids.

I arrived at my mother in laws and loaded everything into the house. I got all of my laundry done, folded, hung, etc. I then began the food prep for Saturday. There were a limited number of things that I could do, however I got the rice crispy suckers done. (Paula Dean's inspiration) I made the chicken salad for the chicken salad appetizers, I precooked the hamburger for the sloppy joes and got a lot of the veggies cut.

I have to go get about 10 more items that I missed at the grocery the other day, but overall things are moving along. I have my 34 week check up in the morning and then its off to the church to finish prepping all the food for Saturday. Tomorrow will be spent doing a lot of baking etc.

Saturday I will have two pies that I will need to bake because they will get soggy if not... The other 4 pies will be baked tomorrow. I will also be making all of the tea sandwiches Saturday morning even though I will be making their components tomorrow. I am really excited for the shower even though I really don't know how many people will be in attendance. Gotta love the RSVP process! :)

God Bless,

Reality of a Military Wife

I have always been very aware that things work at the pace of the Department of Defense. What the Navy wants the Navy gets. This never more became reality until last night. We are expecting our fifth daughter in 28 days... I know you're not counting right... but I have so much to do and I really don't know how I'm going to get it all done, anywho... They are not letting my husband come home for the birth. He will arrive at some point Friday evening following the birth which means that our whole summer is shot... The PLAN was that he would drive home for the birth, spend a few days and fly back. Then we would load into a car and pick him up once he graduates and take a few days to come back sight seeing along the way. There is a nice Christ museum in IN as well as a few other attractions... Now it seems he will fly home Friday after her birth, spend Friday, Saturday, and fly back to base Sunday evening, thus detering our vacation plans. Surely I'm not loading 5 kids into a van for 7+ hours for him to have to drive home in a different vehicle! :)

My mother believes that she should be in the operating room with me since Josh can not... I am  thinking that this is not a good idea... Here is why... That moment is a special moment for Josh and I... If I can't share it with him, I don't want to share it. I know its selfish, but its my decision right? And then there is the wrist band situation... On another note, since he isn't coming home until Friday...He's promised to show up in uniform! :) WOO HOO lol!!!

I'm off to start the food prep for Saturday's shower... I'll have plenty of amazing photos coming soon.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home School and Consignment Stores...

As I posted before we are trying out the home school thing while the girls are on Summer vacation. I have to say I am pleasantly impressed and surprised. This venture has been very successful thus far... We are only three weeks in but the girls are excited to do their work each morning and are really excelling at completing it. For a VERY long time I was VERY ANTI HOME SCHOOL... I know right, you are like what changed your mind... Well my first worry was their social well being, I know this sounds so stuck up( I couldn't find another word I liked) but I believe that succeeding in society requires that you be socially sound. Secondly once we entered the public school realm WE began to see the problems with the public school system. Not only are there the financial problems that the schools are facing that adversely affect each student, but there are also the limitations that are placed on each teacher. Some students need challenged and others need tender loving care... Teachers basically have to stick to streamline teaching which makes it difficult for the more advanced students to excel and the students that need additional help to thrive. Plus by homeschooling we can control what it is that our kids are learning and what they are being exposed to. So far so good... We shall see how it continues.

Now... Where to begin about consignment stores... I am a HUGE fan of purchasing items at consignment stores. I love the buy used save the difference theory... With 7 in our family it really only makes sense. Since I purchase so much at thrift stores I seemed confident I would know what sort of items they would be interested in, so as I was sorting yard sale stuff I took some of the nicer items... basically name brand items, gymboree, childrens place, gap, etc and took them to the consignment store... Seriously I had two containers of mint condition clothing... I obviously didn't expect that they would take them all, heck even half, but seriously when they took three items... I was a bit annoyed, I contacted another store who also said they would take a look... again not expecting that they would take even half.... I did expect that they would would select more than three items... It really amazes me... I am going to try one more place and then I guess the rest will go into the yard sale. It's just frustrating...Anyone else experience this?

Today I am off to watch my nephew... and enjoy my mother in laws air conditioning. Then this evening I will be heading off to the grocery. I have found 4 stores that I need to shop for my groceries not only for the party but also for the week... Why you ask... Well some of the sales are really good that it only makes sense. I need to secure my list and then away we go... :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lost, overwhelmed, you name it! And baby stuff

We are in the final days of this pregnancy. 30 days to be exact... I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I have WAY TOO MUCH TO DO!!!! I have no help and I really don't know where to begin! I believe that there is going to be a need to take the girls to the baby sitter everyday in the next couple weeks just to get it all done. This makes me feel so guilty, but things need to be completed... I do have to say part of the reason that things haven't gotten done on my part are that the weather has been unbearable. There is light at the end of the tunnel...I hope... There are Menonite builders coming TOMORROW to give the estimate on the roof, and as long as the estimate is inline with the insurance quote, they will begin work Wednesday and we'll have air conditioning by Friday. I know this seems sooooo crazy, BUT being 34 weeks pregnant in 90+ degree HUMID weather is just impossible to get things accomplished.

Once we get past the roof/ air conditioning obstacle then here is the short list of what MUST be completed before Lybei gets here:
Clean our room and closet so that she has a place to come home to.
Clean kids rooms
Clean living room----and put the yard sale stuff...somewhere
Clean the carpets
Clean Kitchen thoroughy and SCRUBBBBBBB the floor!!!!
Clean out the basement, you know where it flooded and no one will help me errr
These are just the things that I can think of off the top of my head, I'm certain there is more

I think my frustration lies that there are so many people who offered to help while my husband is gone, but now that I need the help, not one of them seems to be available...not to mention that I errrrr if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all... I better not say what I want in case someone stumbles onto my blog lol...

On another note...As I've said I am throwing my diaper shower...alone.... another long story that infuriates me, but I am excited for the shower. I have picked up several items that I have needed or wanted for the baby. My grandma and aunt bought me a new pack and play... It has a dome over it so the other girls can't get to her... I am going to be honest, I love it... but I will be buying a lock to lock the zipper when she is in it. It may be overkill, but the girls need to leave the baby alone. A simple luggage lock will do fine.

I also purchased a lot of 20 cloth diapers... I know, I know you are having a diaper shower and you just bought cloth diapers?? Well we aren't certain if we'll be able to keep up the cloth diapering, but we might... AND the price I found on 20 diapers and 20 liners I couldn't pass up! I am so excited for my shower... I have so much food planned... It's different than my original menu, and it keeps changing, so I am not going to post more on it until I actually have the shower because who knows what we'll end up with.

The only two major things that I am still looking to get are my swing... and the Pop-a-Tot contraption... Other than that, I THINK I am set... I could be wrong though.:) Oh and I need to double check my car seat... I may need a new one depending on the expiration date...

Now I'm off to watch the Real Housewives of NJ...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

hidden veggies... hmmm

I've had a rough day, so needless to say dinner was takeout. The contractions and cramps have been horrible... Doc appointment first thing in the morning... hopefully they stop though because I have a lot of running to do before I pick my husband up tomorrow evening...

Anyway I digress... While lying in the chair Good Eats came on Food Network. The title:
Undercover Vegetables! Hmmmm.... I have one child, my eldest that loathes veggies! The only two she will remotely eat are potatoes and corn (if its on the cob) the problem with these are that neither of them have much nutritional value. Alton Brown was talking about Parsnips.. hmmm it got me thinking... I think I am going to try some of the recipes... One was for cupcakes and the other was for a parsnip mash similar to applesauce...

In the past I have hidden veggies in brownies and other foods, but the result hasn't been as good as I would like, so maybe the straight forward approach is the way to go.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As promised a few weeks ago I wanted to post on the great religion debate. My husband and I are devout Christians and believe raising our children in the word of the Lord. Society has definitely made that very difficult, but without challenges we would not know our true strength.

This post stems from two events that have really had an effect on our family, sort of eye opening experiences if you will... the first is a radio broadcast that I heard on Christian radio. I have to say that I was appaulled at what I heard. Did you know that nursing homes are banning residents from saying grace before meals?!?!?!!! I mean REALLY?????!!!!! The residents of nursing homes are our grandparents and great grandparents. The foundation of this country was built by them. Hard work 6 days a week, rest on Sunday, and prayer before meals... I've seen it 100 times over, so how and why are we so afraid of what it is that our nation is built on...

Secondly, our second born child was in Kindergarten this past school year. Payge has learned to read, and one this with her is that when she does something, anything, she does it obsessively. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Almost daily she begged to take books to school and read them to her class. Her teacher loved this. I didn't always check the books she shoved in her bookbag... I mean our children's library is extensive, but all are child appropriate books. She came home crushed one day... I proceeded to ask her what was going on. She said she wasn't aloud to read her book at school... puzzled I asked her why, figuring it was a time issue and that would be easy to explain to her. Boy was I ever wrong. She was told she couldn't read the book because the word Bible appeared 1 time in the book! How do you explain that to a child? I know it wasn't the teacher individually, but simply protocol... but seriously!

This event has definitely opened our eyes about what it is that we want for our children... I have to say there was a time when I thought we could never be a home school family. Now I believe that this is the only option. I mean what other options are there? Beyond the knowing exactly what our kids are learning... There is also the fact that we are a military family and sometime in the next few years we are going to be moving to a new base. New base means new schools, new people, etc. I think it would be the easiest adjustment. I'll definitely be praying about this.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picnics and Ewwwww Ants!

After a crazy day yesterday, I promised the girls that I would take them on a picnic. So we got up, did a few things around the house, and off we went. I'll be honest I was going to do the whole pack the sandwiches, fruit, yada yada yada.... but we didn't have any of that here so we were going to have to do the grocery thing BEFORE we could ever start.  So, instead we went to a local ice cream stand and got hot dogs and cheese stix... however to attempt the semi healthy portion we stopped by a local fruit stand and purchased freshly picked strawberries. They were soooo delicious! We headed over to the local arboretum and spread out a blanket (note to self next time, I'll take at least two blankets) and enjoyed our lunch by the water. It was sooo peaceful.

Here is what I have learned for our next picnic, which I think is going to be a weekly feature this summer...

1.) 1 blanket is NOT big enough for 5 of us! :) at least 2 blankets if not 3 blankets are necessary.
2.) BEFORE I decide that we are taking a picnic, I need to ensure that I have all of the items to pack a
     healthy picnic lunch.
3.) Finding different locations so that the kids can enjoy it... and so that maybe we can enjoy our picnic
    without like a hundred people joining us!

Once we returned from our picnic I needed to clean out both cars. Josh is flying in on Friday so that he can pick up his car. So I HAD to clean out our cars... My car wasn't totally bad so it didn't take very long. Next I pulled Josh's around to the fire pit (that's "our" way of car cleaning...just chuck it into the firepit! :))

What I was about to find about made me sick! Here is a little preface. First of all I parked Josh's car about a month ago for 2 reasons, 1.) because with 4 small children... they don't all safely fit and since we are together MOST of the time, it doesn't really work. 2.) we got a flat on our way home from church one day and the donut is still on the car. I have been looking for a replacement. The "top of the line company" that sold us the set 12 months ago informed me that they, the tire company, are no longer manufacturing that specific tire due to complications with the design... Gee I feel safe! Errr so rather than getting 1 new tire at this time, there is a local tire shop that specializes in quality used tires. These mainly come off of wrecked vehicles where the tires are fine and the frame is damaged etc. I decided that the front tires should match, so I am purchasing 2 used tires from them. The tires are $25 each mounted and balanced... Not too bad! But I digress... Needless to say the car has been parked. Even earlier than all of this my husband thought it was a good idea to drill a hole in the bottom of his trunk so the water that was coming in the trunk (thru the weather stripping that was torn) was a good idea... Hmmm wouldn't it be just as good of an idea to, oh I don't know, replace the weather stripping... I swear, anyway... From living in the country, being parked unattended, under a tree... Ants have decided to enter the car via the hole in the trunk...

As I began to move articles of clothing, paper, etc.... I found the most ewwww HUGE BLACK ANTS!!! Everywhere!!!!!!! Oh, did I mention ewww... I abruptly moved and threw most everything into the fire pit, grabbed the sweeper and began sweeping ants... I also found that someone, I suspect my husband, but it could have been the kids, spilled something on the seat and mold had begun to set in... double ewww!!! Really I'm over this lol! So to recap I will be taking his car for new tires tomorrow, I will also be taking it for an oil change, a bath, I will be buying seat covers and rugs for the floor, oh and he also needs two new mirrors... I also did research and apparently you can get rid of mold with vinegar and water so I'll be attempting that as well. Finally, whether he likes it or not. I am getting ant traps for his car... Did I mention EWWW!!!!

I have so much to do before he comes home this week... Oh you know like cleaning off our bed so we have somewhere to sleep. Our bed has become the catchall since I've been sleeping in the living room until we get our air fixed...

God Bless,

Monday, June 7, 2010

Diaper Shower

A good friend of mine suggested that I have a diaper shower for our little bundle of joy. I mulled around and I wasn't really sure what I was going to do, but I mentioned it to several people and they all thought it was a good idea, so I decided to run with it. I mentioned it to a couple people close to me thinking that they would be happy to assist with the events to no avail...Soooo I'm doing it alone, which anyone who knows me knows that its not uncommon for me to love to throw a party. Not exactly what I want to be doing 26 days before I have a baby, but I am determined to make it a success!

I thought I would share details of my event... Once over I will post photos. It is going to have a patriotic theme for a few resons... 1.) because we are naming her Lybertei, 2.) because I found about 400 dessert cups at a yard sale for less than $2.00 total and 3.) being that it is the patriotic time of year the decor is readily available. While I LOVE pink... I'm a little over it at this point. Time to move onto something different.

Here is what I am visioning for my party... I am going to set the room up in a horseshoe shape I think that way I can see everyone. I am going to place my four children beside me, yes I know its crazy but I am not only throwing the party, doing the food, decor etc etc etc, but I am also making sure that my four kids are right there beside me! I want them to know that even though we have a new baby coming soon that they are just as important to me. Also with Josh being gone they need a little bit of extra attention.

The tables will be decorated with Red and Blue table clothes. I am going to have place settings for each person as well. Each person will have two plates, with either a blue napkin and red plasticware or vice versa. (Ok it may be overkill, but it'll be festive) I am also getting plastic champagne glasses that I am going to tie ribbon on to. I will also be doing name placecards for seating.  Beyond that I am not quite sure of additional decorations at this point. Maybe a simple flower in a vase or something.

Now for the best part... The Menu!!!

Veggie and Cheese Trays
Roasted tomato and cheese tartlets
Individual Cheeseballs

Cheesey Potato Casserole
Sloppy Joes
Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
Mary Jo's Mac Salad
Mary Jo's Potato Salad
Desserts: (this is my favorite part, probably the most adventatious, but memorable)
Chocolate Caramel Cakes
Lemon Souffles
Peaches and Cream Tarts
New York Cheesecakes
Carrot Cakes
Jeweled Fruit Galattes
Peanut Butter Bars
Lemon Bread
Banana Bread

Fizzy Fruit Punch

I am very excited! On another note... I am a little concerned with the whole cloth diaper thing... Not about using them, because I have found that I actually really like them, but the ones I ordered from ebay... they are onesize fits all, I decided to try on Josey since we are still potty training and they are similar to panties. After just the first use and washing they are already looking like I washed them 100 times. I wash EVERYTHING in cold water, just because so its not because I washed them too hot... I'm going to have to do more research. I'm really kind of bummed because they are actually working out really well.  I'm just not sure how long they will last. My 2 1/2 year old pees a lot less than what a newborn is going to (theorhetically) so I'll be washing them a lot more. Hmmmm what to do, what to do.
Hmmm any thoughts fellow bloggers?

God Bless,

Not me! Monday Fog

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to, her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
So here we go...
I did not sit in front of the fan (our a/c is out) with an entire watermelon and indulge myself to nearly the entire thing!
I did not, while watching food network at 10pm, rush to the freezer and promptly thaw a pkg of hamburger so that I could replicate the burger I had just seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives... Did I mention it was 10pm???
 I have not been utilizing the muffin tin meal method for EVERY meal...simply because its easier.

I didn't promise a really good NMN and then draw a blank as I sit here typing it! ERR Pregnancy brain...
So what have you not done lately? 
Did I mention (in my last post) how much I miss blogging????? I will be updating a lot more as the days progress... Until then...God Bless!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

After a ridiculously long hiatis I FINALLY have my computer back. I had it back temporarily about a week ago, but after a mere hour on the computer it crashed again... I think we are good to go this time.

So much has happened, I don't even know where to begin. Tomorrow I will be participating in Not Me! Monday!... I have not done some really funny stuff this week.

We are well into my husband's assignment in Great Lakes, Illinois. This time has definitely been different... The kids are older, so one would think it would be easier... Not so much the case. Drea is almost 8 and she has definitely been affected a lot more this time. She's been acting out, not to mention I think we are hitting "tweens" a little early but she is very emotional... Happy, then sad. Angry then crying... You name it and she's doing it. Payge never takes him being gone very easy. She cut her hair... Yes my 6 year old cut her hair... She did this when he was away at boot camp, but she was 3 so it wasn't a huge surprise. Thankfully for her I noticed that she did it when we were in church, because Lord help me what I would have said to her elsewhere...:) Sera, our TOM BOY...Rough and tough 4 year old... CRIES over everything since here daddy has been gone... Mainly she cries because people (mainly her sisters) hurt her feelings.God love that child... She is sooo snuggly. I hope she always keeps that about her. Josey, my sweet Josalynne Tayte... has decided that since her daddy is gone sleeping is not necessary. She refuses bed before 11pm (which for a child who, like clockwork is routinely in bed at 7:30) and naps no longer exsist. Momma is drained.

Baby girl #5 has a name! And its for sure considering shower invitations have gone out and I had an outfit personalized with her name on it for her first photographs. Now I just need to find a reasonably priced photographer. The military life and our extremely large (ok so we aren't the Duggar's, Bates, or Jeub family) but for today 5 kids is a lot... doesn't allow for a lot of extra cash. So we are creative. I did splurge on her outfit because we were at a local festival and I just couldn't pass it up. It is a red, white, and blue tutu with matching onesie and head band... Monogramed with her name. I will post pictures once I receive it. Since they are making it so small they had to take a few extra days so they are making it and sending it. Anyway I'm sure you are wondering what we are naming her... DRUM ROLL PLEASE lol... Since she is being born in July Josh wanted something patriotic... the only thing that kept coming to mind was Liberty... You know us we can't spell anything like its supposed to be spelled... So her name is:

Lybertei Jaimz

I am supposed to be on bed reset however I have so much to do... And when the contractions start I lie down, but I am hoping that I can get the majority of it done this week and next, and then its loafing around I go.

Friday I am attending a homeschool conference to pick up curriculum for the summer.Our remedial summer school begins Monday. We are exploring ATI for fall... We shall see. Praying a lot until we know where we are going and what we are doing.

Oh blog how I've missed you! Until Not Me! Monday... God Bless! Amanda