Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As promised a few weeks ago I wanted to post on the great religion debate. My husband and I are devout Christians and believe raising our children in the word of the Lord. Society has definitely made that very difficult, but without challenges we would not know our true strength.

This post stems from two events that have really had an effect on our family, sort of eye opening experiences if you will... the first is a radio broadcast that I heard on Christian radio. I have to say that I was appaulled at what I heard. Did you know that nursing homes are banning residents from saying grace before meals?!?!?!!! I mean REALLY?????!!!!! The residents of nursing homes are our grandparents and great grandparents. The foundation of this country was built by them. Hard work 6 days a week, rest on Sunday, and prayer before meals... I've seen it 100 times over, so how and why are we so afraid of what it is that our nation is built on...

Secondly, our second born child was in Kindergarten this past school year. Payge has learned to read, and one this with her is that when she does something, anything, she does it obsessively. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Almost daily she begged to take books to school and read them to her class. Her teacher loved this. I didn't always check the books she shoved in her bookbag... I mean our children's library is extensive, but all are child appropriate books. She came home crushed one day... I proceeded to ask her what was going on. She said she wasn't aloud to read her book at school... puzzled I asked her why, figuring it was a time issue and that would be easy to explain to her. Boy was I ever wrong. She was told she couldn't read the book because the word Bible appeared 1 time in the book! How do you explain that to a child? I know it wasn't the teacher individually, but simply protocol... but seriously!

This event has definitely opened our eyes about what it is that we want for our children... I have to say there was a time when I thought we could never be a home school family. Now I believe that this is the only option. I mean what other options are there? Beyond the knowing exactly what our kids are learning... There is also the fact that we are a military family and sometime in the next few years we are going to be moving to a new base. New base means new schools, new people, etc. I think it would be the easiest adjustment. I'll definitely be praying about this.

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