Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reality of a Military Wife

I have always been very aware that things work at the pace of the Department of Defense. What the Navy wants the Navy gets. This never more became reality until last night. We are expecting our fifth daughter in 28 days... I know you're not counting right... but I have so much to do and I really don't know how I'm going to get it all done, anywho... They are not letting my husband come home for the birth. He will arrive at some point Friday evening following the birth which means that our whole summer is shot... The PLAN was that he would drive home for the birth, spend a few days and fly back. Then we would load into a car and pick him up once he graduates and take a few days to come back sight seeing along the way. There is a nice Christ museum in IN as well as a few other attractions... Now it seems he will fly home Friday after her birth, spend Friday, Saturday, and fly back to base Sunday evening, thus detering our vacation plans. Surely I'm not loading 5 kids into a van for 7+ hours for him to have to drive home in a different vehicle! :)

My mother believes that she should be in the operating room with me since Josh can not... I am  thinking that this is not a good idea... Here is why... That moment is a special moment for Josh and I... If I can't share it with him, I don't want to share it. I know its selfish, but its my decision right? And then there is the wrist band situation... On another note, since he isn't coming home until Friday...He's promised to show up in uniform! :) WOO HOO lol!!!

I'm off to start the food prep for Saturday's shower... I'll have plenty of amazing photos coming soon.

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