Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home School and Consignment Stores...

As I posted before we are trying out the home school thing while the girls are on Summer vacation. I have to say I am pleasantly impressed and surprised. This venture has been very successful thus far... We are only three weeks in but the girls are excited to do their work each morning and are really excelling at completing it. For a VERY long time I was VERY ANTI HOME SCHOOL... I know right, you are like what changed your mind... Well my first worry was their social well being, I know this sounds so stuck up( I couldn't find another word I liked) but I believe that succeeding in society requires that you be socially sound. Secondly once we entered the public school realm WE began to see the problems with the public school system. Not only are there the financial problems that the schools are facing that adversely affect each student, but there are also the limitations that are placed on each teacher. Some students need challenged and others need tender loving care... Teachers basically have to stick to streamline teaching which makes it difficult for the more advanced students to excel and the students that need additional help to thrive. Plus by homeschooling we can control what it is that our kids are learning and what they are being exposed to. So far so good... We shall see how it continues.

Now... Where to begin about consignment stores... I am a HUGE fan of purchasing items at consignment stores. I love the buy used save the difference theory... With 7 in our family it really only makes sense. Since I purchase so much at thrift stores I seemed confident I would know what sort of items they would be interested in, so as I was sorting yard sale stuff I took some of the nicer items... basically name brand items, gymboree, childrens place, gap, etc and took them to the consignment store... Seriously I had two containers of mint condition clothing... I obviously didn't expect that they would take them all, heck even half, but seriously when they took three items... I was a bit annoyed, I contacted another store who also said they would take a look... again not expecting that they would take even half.... I did expect that they would would select more than three items... It really amazes me... I am going to try one more place and then I guess the rest will go into the yard sale. It's just frustrating...Anyone else experience this?

Today I am off to watch my nephew... and enjoy my mother in laws air conditioning. Then this evening I will be heading off to the grocery. I have found 4 stores that I need to shop for my groceries not only for the party but also for the week... Why you ask... Well some of the sales are really good that it only makes sense. I need to secure my list and then away we go... :)

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