Thursday, June 10, 2010

hidden veggies... hmmm

I've had a rough day, so needless to say dinner was takeout. The contractions and cramps have been horrible... Doc appointment first thing in the morning... hopefully they stop though because I have a lot of running to do before I pick my husband up tomorrow evening...

Anyway I digress... While lying in the chair Good Eats came on Food Network. The title:
Undercover Vegetables! Hmmmm.... I have one child, my eldest that loathes veggies! The only two she will remotely eat are potatoes and corn (if its on the cob) the problem with these are that neither of them have much nutritional value. Alton Brown was talking about Parsnips.. hmmm it got me thinking... I think I am going to try some of the recipes... One was for cupcakes and the other was for a parsnip mash similar to applesauce...

In the past I have hidden veggies in brownies and other foods, but the result hasn't been as good as I would like, so maybe the straight forward approach is the way to go.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

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