Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New for 2010- Monthly Menus

I have determined that when cooking for my husband, our four children, my mother, and my pregnant self it is time to start planning ahead so that EVERYONE can help!!! I am making it my goal to A.) clean out the cabinets and start using what we've got. B.) reduce our food expenses. C.) have more well rounded meals.

Today I have been filling out the calendar for January, tonight I will go home a make dinner and then it will be time to scout the cupboards to find every last thing that I can that I need, and not buy it again!!!

I have been following several blogs which are recipe blogs. They are great. (Once I learn to link them I will edit this post to share.)

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Baby Wish List

Ok so I know this seems a bit selfish, but I am at the point that its time for some new things for this new baby. Will I get all of these things, probably not, however they are wishes. Things that will make the new baby feel welcomed and what not. Nearly all of my girls have always used hand-me-down items and items purchased from the second hand stores... Which is definitely not a bad thing, but there are a few things that I would really like for this new baby, boy or girl.

The first, I saw on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This was something that the family had in their original house, but they knew it was special. It is a crib. I absolutely fell in love with it. I've never had a new crib... I really adore this one. Below is a picture of the concept. I would definitely change up the dressing, but I LOVE this crib style.

The next item on my list is cloth diapers, I know right! How could I possibly have time to worry with cloth diapers when I have four other children? Well there are a lot of things that I really want to change in my life, as you can see by my 101 in 1001 listing. One of those things is to become my environmentally friendly, what better way than to start with cloth diapers.

The next two items I would like are for convenience. I think you would completely understand once you see them. :)

AND at minimum this:

Ideally I would LOVE to have a stroller big enough for all of my children, but at the same time the older ones are getting bigger and don't mind walking as much! :)


This little contraption is just like the folding chairs that you would take to the bonfire or ballpark. It is nice because you can fold it up and store it away with minimal space. I also like that it is versitile and that you can use it indoors or out.

Next I really want 2 of these.

As I said all of these things are simply a wish list, how many I'll actually end up with is yet to be determined, but it could happen I suppose. :)

I intend to add more items as our little bambino grows. :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

In keeping with my 101 in 1001, I need to continually post new photos... Here are a few that we recently had taken of the girls.
Merry Christmas from the Nihiser's!





Friday, December 18, 2009

101 in 1001

So recently after viewing some other blogs I stumbled across a concept that intriged me. It seems to be a process that could prove to be very beneficial. The concept is simple: create a list of 101 things that you want to complete in 1001 days. 1001 days equates to about 2.75 years so if I can't adequately complete these things in this amount of time, there is something seriously wrong! :)

Complete 101 tasks in 1001 days.

Tasks must be specific and clearly end with a result.

Simple enough! So here we go...

Begin Date: December 18, 2009
End Date:   September 14, 2012

Updates will be made throughout the process so that identifiable progress can be noted.

For my health:
1.) Exercise regularly for my health but also for a healthy pregnancy.
2.) Each more fresh fruits and veggies
3.) Increase my daily water intake
4.) Cook healthy meals 5 evenings per week
5.) Upon delivering baby #5 loose weight to be no more than 118#'s

For my wallet:
6.) Rehash my obsession with coupons. Begin using them as much as possible.
7.) Increase my 401K contributions by 10% annually
8.) Increase the amount being deposited into each savings account
9.) Meet with my insurance agent regarding additional savings plans (IRA's etc.)
10.) Collect all spare change and place it in piggy banks for family vacation each summer
11.) Begin packing my lunch more to save money
12.) Pay off all debt and begin a new debt free lifestyle
13.) Start 529 plans for the kids

For my mind:
14.) Read one book per month each on varying topics
15.) Meditate three times weekly
16.) Begin learning French with my family
17.) Learn to change a flat tire
18.) Have a girls night once every other month
19.) Make a daily to do list and complete it
20.) Pray when I am stressed

For my soul:
21.) Read one chapter of Psalms 3 times per week
22.) Read one chapter of Proverbs 2 times per week
23.) Join a women's study group
24.) Lead a women's conference at church
25.) Complete daily devotionals
26.) Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
27.) Pray for my family
28.) Say thank you for 3 things daily

For our home:
29.) Find a new home!
30.) Purchase new appliances from the very little to the very big. :)
31.) For the new home: install Geo-thermal heating
32.) Plant a garden to supply us with plenty of veggies for the majority of the season
33.) Organize the childrens items and label in totes
34.) Spring clean- three times per year
35.) Create a to do list for daily chores and do it
36.) Clean carpets
37.) Organize basement
38.) Clean out cabinets
39.) Paint
40.) Landscape yard

For others:
41.) Throw a baby shower for Bailey
42.) Donate 3 tubs of clothing to those in need
43.) Send 10,000 grains of rice through http://www.freerice.com/ (1500/10,000)
44.) Say a prayer daily for those I know and those that I don't who need a prayer
45.) Pray for my blog friends
46.) Clean out old household items and donate
47.) Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru
48.) Send a soldier a care package
49.) Send 5 postcards or letters letting someone know I care.
50.) Write an apology letter and hand deliver it.

For my blog:
51.) Blog at least 3 times per week
52.) Find a new template to update my look
53.) Post more pictures
54.) Find 5 new blogs to follow

For my marriage:
55.) Institute date night 2X per month
56.) Leave a encouraging note for my husband once per week
57.) Perform Love Dare type activities into our daily life
58.) Visit my husband while he is away on military duty
59.) Let one thing that makes me angry go: once per week
60.) Daily hugs and kisses
61.) Celebrate our anniversary alone
62.) Take an overnight trip in a secluded place
63.) Make sausage and noodles once per month
64.) Rub his feet once per month
65.) Say "I love you" daily

For my children:
66.) Find a free monthly activity to take the kids to
67.) Read to my children nightly
68.) Take each child on an alone trip once per month
69.) Say "I love you" daily
70.) Create a memory book for each of my children
71.) Make an annual photo album for each child
72.) Go to the beach
73.) Pray for my children daily
74.) Convert to cloth diapers
75.) Attend Family camp
76.) Go to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum
77.) Go to story book forest
78.) Let my kids fly
79.) Take my kids to the pool 5 times in 2010
80.) Let my kids decide one activity they want to do and enroll them.
81.) Have family game night once per week
82.) Have family movie night once per week
83.) Let each child plan dinner once per month
84.) Create chore charts and stick to them!
85.) Pray with my children

For the environment:
86.)See # 74 its good for baby and the environment: also wipes
87.) Increase my use of reusable bags
88.) Start recycling cans
89.) Plant a tree
90.) Reduce the use of bottled water

For me:
91.) Purchase a "good" camera
92.) Take up photography
93.) Get a massage every other month
94.) Plan meal menus weekly so that I don't go crazy :)
95.) Purchase a new bed set. Something elegant that makes you feel warm.
96.) Have a 3-D ultrasound done of this baby
97.) Print my pictures and catalouge them
98.) Get a passport- so we can see the world!
99.) Watch a monthly movie with my best friend
100.) Organize my closets
101.)Create a new 101 list and start over.

So... Here we go!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Made in the USA

All I am going to say here is lets support each other:


Become a Patriot!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Will he ever really get it?

Good morning friends... Last night was a rough night for myself and my dearest friend. Let me provide a little background on the situation.

A good friend (a male) who is one of my husbands closest friends and through the years we too have become close... He is now someone I consider a brother. He was dating a nice young lady as the boys were leaving for boot camp. 2 1/2 short years later we are now the best of friends. Over these past few years the two of them have gone round and round with the whole dating thing... Last week they even spoke of marriage. She is willing to sacrafice so much for him... but he is having commitment issues. I am not sure why and hopefully after lunch today I will understand a little more.

He has hurt her so much over the years and I can't help but feel that I have helped him do that. I have so much love for this boy in my heart because he has always been there for me that I enable him in hurting her. What kind of friend does this? I tell her when he is coming to town... I help her see him... I encourage the relationship, not because I want them together, but because they are two people who need to be together. They both are so much happier people when they are together.

I just needed to vent I suppose and my lonely blog was here... I really need to get back on track with what this blog is supposed to be blogging about.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will all be ok... I need it to be...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Busiest Day Ever and The Biggest Game in a REALLY Long time!!!!

Good Evening!!!!! As I sit here watching what is probably the most important football game in a really long time, I found it necessary to put some thoughts into my blog for habit sake. My husband is squatted, literally in the middle of the the living room floor watching the our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes taking our turn and whooping up on the USC Trojans... Finally!!! All the kids are tucked quietly in their beds, it's very nice.

The day started getting my dear husband ready for Navy duty then falling back into bed. The next part of my morning becomes a blur... I received a call from my seamstress who got Sera's dress done just hours before we needed it. And then I got my girls prepared and loaded in the car rollers in hand... or hair for that matter. We drove an hour and a half and began to unroll hair... dressed my little darlings and got them on stage on at a time. They are definitely coming along... and although they are still showing stage fright they are wanting to do more which I find very positive. Josey got 2nd runner up in her division, Sera received first runner-up and received a large crown... she is now retired from pageants she says she is done and I respect that. The other two didn't place but that is fine as they are gaining confidence from this and they really are having fun.

I then drove another hour and a half home only to change the kids clothes and load them back into the car and deliver them to their grandpa. I returned back home to clean the living room. My hubby decided he need "game" food so I ran to the store. When I returned the girls were back and I cooked the game food. We ate and then noticed Drea's tooth was VERY loose... needless to say daddy assisted and now she is slowly becoming my toothless wonder with 3 missing teeth.

The kids have slipped into bed and now we are watching the game... I am so exhausted. Tomorrow I have even more to do... UGH... Maybe becoming a stay at home mommy isn't such a bad idea.

Until later...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog oh Blog how I've neglected you...

It's time to return to blogosphere... Over the past few months we have been incredibly busy... I just don't know where the time has gone! I continue to follow my favorite blogs, but I have neglected mine... That is going to change!

Let's see where to begin.... Hmmmm... Well I have 3 of my little darlings in school now. Two in "real" school and one in preschool... who knew that they ALL would have homework. Talk about a nightmare... Poor little Josey seems to get pushed aside while her sisters take over the kitchen table to complete their evening assignments...

DH is heading off to Naval training for the third time this year and he just sent me an email for a possible Japan tour beginning in 2010!!! AHHHH Oh well its what we signed up for, right?!?!?!

All of my daughters have taken an interest in pageants, which don't get me wrong, I LOVE,, but its a lot of work for one mom to get four girls on stage. My husband is supportive, however almost every pageant has fallen on a drill weekend SO that leaves me to go at it alone! :) Oh well its what the girls want. Below are some recent photos I took for the upcoming pageant tomorrow. *****Please note BEFORE you judge me for being "one of those pageant moms" I am not. *****
My kids where simple "Sunday's Best" dresses and they were NO make-up or anything fake... Just a lil hairspray! :)

Later this weekend I will post my tips on laundry. God Bless and GO BUCKS!!!! KICK USC Butt!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1955 Good Housekeeping Article

You may need to click on the photo to read the article.... Now let me tell you a little story. This is pretty much how our house runs... Even to the extent that his plate is made, his clothes are laid out, and his lunch box is well supplied. I often catch a little slack for this. The thing is really that I enjoy doing it. I know its crazy, but oh well...

I was sent this in an email today and several people were cackling until I piped up. You know we do what we do because we want to. In all honesty its just easier. Let's take a moment to reflect...

1.) I lay is clothes out... Why? Well lets see I'm laying 5 other outfits out for morning, it really makes sense and then he's not bugging me in the morning because he can't find something.

2.) I make his plate... Well being the control freak that I am, the one thing I HATE with a passion is too many people in the kitchen. I would rather have all of your plates set and have you
come be seated, until I have the luxury of having a separate dining room this IS how it will be

I could go on and on, but lets face it I have an answer for EVERYTHING...LOL so I won't be doing that!

Enjoy.... I promise to post about Laundry soon, we are moving and my head is not on clearly.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Josalynne's First Photo Sheet

Below are Josey's first photos from the recent shoot she participated in. More merchandise can be seen at: www.hotmommafia.com select Apparell

Soon additional Hot Mom Mafia and Hot Chick Mafia stuff will be posted.

Where in the WORLD have you been?

I know, I know like two weeks ago I was to blog about LAUNDRY... and here I am and I still have not done it! Let me tell you a little of what those weeks have been like. I'll try not to bore you with the nagging... I served Easter dinner for 40+ people, which I spent WEEKS planning and organizing for... I know what you are thinking didn't a previous blog say something like 75 people... WELL, on the Eve of Easter it was brought to my attention that one side of my husband's family had "decided" not to come... I have mixed feelings on this... We'll leave it at that. I get it, I was just frustrated!~

During this time my husband has also been switched to night shift! Do you know how hard it is to function and keep 4 kids quiet while your DH is trying to sleep? NOT FUN AT ALL!!!

My darling daughter Sera Rose turned 3 this past weekend. I had high hopes for this party. I wanted a bounce house, I ordered a cotton candy machine, it was going to be a beautiful day... A bunch of screaming 2, 3, and 4 year olds... It was just going to be FUN! Well lets see... Here's what really happened, I forgot to mail invites to friends and deliver the ones to the baby sitter, who's home I am at TWICE A DAY EVERYDAY!!!! Sooooo we had HALF of a sheet cake for about 10 people... and a whole bunch of food... OOPS... Sera thankfully had fun anyway. She wanted Rose's for her birthday, because her name is Sera Rose... Ummm you are 3 you should not know that Rose's are flowers... So Daddy bought her flowers... I mean Rose's 24 baby rose's light pink in color. She was ELATED!!! She is still carrying them around even though they are dying. Its so CUTE!

I have started following many a blogs and I am so happy. I am gaining a lot of useful information.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy Weekend... and now its the dreaded Monday

Lets see where to begin.. Well as I was leaving work on Friday I got good news all around... Kinda!

My husband's car was FINALLY going to be complete after a month in the shop and our glasses which we ordered on Tuesday were in... Talk about fast!!! So I called my husband who met me to pick up our glasses, then we headed to his mom's to drop her car off... We drove back to town where we picked up the kiddos at which point I remembered that I forgot to pick up his dry cleaning which he needed for drill Saturday!! AHHH... We headed back to the body shop to pick up his car which was not complete... errr I left him and Payge at the body shop and headed over to Target ( I know many of you are asking WHY do you shop at Target if you are trying to be frugal when Wal-Mart is cheaper... Well that's another issue I will address later!) I purchased some pants for Josey's photo shoot on Saturday, I also headed over to the mall, with the other three children in tow, to get a skirt and some leggings just incase.

Saturday... Well lets see I got up with my husband and got him out the door for the Navy. Went back to bed for a brief hour then got all the kids up and ready to go to my moms for an hour... Why you ask, well I decided it was time to get in shape... remember that post??!!??! What was I thinking? Anyway, I went and met with Beth... Man does she know what she is doing... Its Monday and I still can't walk! I left there and abruptly headed to pick up my kiddos... We went home and I took at HOT bath... didn't do me any good I suppose! We ate lunch and took a nap...
I got all the kids loaded back into the car and headed to Beth's house for the Hot Mom Mafia Apparel Spring Fling Photo Shoot. Miss Josalynne did AMAZING! As soon as I get photos I will post. I believe I may start a book for her and try some modelling jobs. Why not right? They even used Drea. I headed back to pickup Payge and Sera and picked up dinner, which BTW was a FIASCO!!!! Anyway we went home enjoyed pizza... all until my husband says "honey I'm going to Malaysia.".... WHAT!!!???!?!?!?! Yep that's where he'll spend a couple weeks this summer. He'll then come home and then head off to Chicago!! YAY! It't my favorite so far!!! I crashed after that!

Sunday... Oh Sunday.. We were late for church! I was asked to read scripture which I was more than happy to do, however I was not informed that it was going to be so early in the service so I was not prepared... Church was a little obscure due to a sequence of odd events that occured... Oh well. We left there and headed to the grocery, get payge and back to the grocery... I cleaned my kitchen and now it was time for dinner.... then I took Easter food to my mother in laws because I am OUT OF ROOM!!!! We headed home took baths and CRASHED... I do need to mention that I was incredibly sore on Sunday.... Here it is Monday..... and OOHHHH IT HURTS!

Tomorrow's topic: LAUNDRY!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I titled my blog the Frugal Navy Wife. I feel that I should probably blog about that because otherwise it is a big misleading!:)

Topic one will be groceries. How does one become frugal when it comes to groceries... On this topic I could speak for DAYS!!!! Literally!!! I will start by first plugging my "baby" if you will... My 5th child is my Angel Food Ministries site.

It is necessary in today's economy to find ways to make every dollar stretch. Angel Food is one way to do that. Here are a few sites for more information on that...

my website: www.angelfoodlickingcounty.weebly.com
national site: www.angelfoodministries.com

These should provide you more information with regard to that program. If one participates in this, it will definitely be a start.

Next, those who know me, know that I pride myself of being the coupon QUEEN!!!! From week to week I have anywhere from $50-$115 in coupons! A little expense in the beginning (newspapers, etc.) is worth the reward. Where do you get coupons other than the paper? Well,
there are plenty of websites out there. Here are a few, and others can be found doing a Google search simply typing in coupon.


Also look online for brands. Several companies, SC Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, etc. offer coupons and free items on their websites... A little leg work and you'll be saving in no time.

A new month, A new me...

As we embark into April, its time to embark on a new me. And no not a new me as a person, but a new me as improving the old...:) After four kids I find that its time to start focusing on who I am because when I am happy all the time, I too can share the love with everyone.

I have had the opportunity to meet someone who is quite an amazing woman. Very inspirational to me... Beth is a mother of 4, runs a handful of successful companies and she's under 30! She will be my new trainer... starting Saturday! I hope I can keep up!!!! Beth runs the Fit and Fabulous University. It focouses on mind, body, and soul. I am elated to make this newstep in my life.

Beth posted a VIDEO on her blog and I'd like to share...


This is what its all about. It just solidifies so much. Watch and I think you will understand.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Dinner for 50+...Chaos!:)

That's right, Easter Dinner for 50+!!! It all started when my husbands family wasn't quite sure what we were doing for Easter... Light bulb! With 4 small children lets do this right... We'll host, we have the perfect location: our church fellowship hall... So we offered and they graciously accepted. From there I thought why not invite the other side of his family and mine? It makes perfect sense!!!! Everyone in one area, perfect... KINDA!

Those of you who know me, or will get to know me, know that I am a go getter!!!! I have control issues and I LOVE the spotlight. I thought I would share what I am preparing... And a bit of what I know will be coming...

My Menu:
Taco Dip
BBQ Meatballs
My famous roasted corn
French cut green beans
homemade bread
Great Grandma O'Brien's Homemade Noodles
My husband's Famous Baked Beans
Cornbread Casserole
Key Lime Pie
Ice Tea
Sherbert Punch
Chocolate Covered Peeps
Shwoo... I think that is all I am making, although something else may concoct itself in the coming days. As for everyone else, I know that they are bringing the following:
Veggie Tray, Cheese Tray, Homemade Carrot Cake, Veggie Pizza, and Pasta salad...
It should truly be a feast for all.
I have a "master" plan if you will, but lets see with 4 kids, not really sure how this will pan out.
Check back for updates... I'll post photos after the dinner for your viewing.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some more of the girls...:)

Payge(center) at her birthday party
Sera Rose

Payge Christmas 2008

Sera Christmas 08

There is NEVER a dull moment in our household!

My Kids: Older pics, but my princesses

All of my girls, Christmas 2008
Ondrianna at her birthday party

Ondrianna with her friends at her party

Josey at Christmas

Josey at 8 weeks... oh how she's grown!


Well this will be my first blog here! I have visited MANY wonderful blogs and thought why not. I enjoy sharing the things that I have learned along the way, and I figure its good stress release. :)

I am a mother to 4 darling daughters and a PROUD (ask anyone who knows me) Navy Wife. I think it is a sense of security knowing I have a sailor by my side.

I have one of the best friends in the world... I truly think God brought her to me to keep me grounded. She is definitely one of those rare people that always knows what to say. She's been my support through the many times my husband has gone away with the Navy. One day we'll find her a sailor. She will probably be in a lot of my posts as we spend a lot of time together.

I plan to post at least once a day. Check back for parenting tips and tricks, frugal living, funny family stories, and much, much more!!!