Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where in the WORLD have you been?

I know, I know like two weeks ago I was to blog about LAUNDRY... and here I am and I still have not done it! Let me tell you a little of what those weeks have been like. I'll try not to bore you with the nagging... I served Easter dinner for 40+ people, which I spent WEEKS planning and organizing for... I know what you are thinking didn't a previous blog say something like 75 people... WELL, on the Eve of Easter it was brought to my attention that one side of my husband's family had "decided" not to come... I have mixed feelings on this... We'll leave it at that. I get it, I was just frustrated!~

During this time my husband has also been switched to night shift! Do you know how hard it is to function and keep 4 kids quiet while your DH is trying to sleep? NOT FUN AT ALL!!!

My darling daughter Sera Rose turned 3 this past weekend. I had high hopes for this party. I wanted a bounce house, I ordered a cotton candy machine, it was going to be a beautiful day... A bunch of screaming 2, 3, and 4 year olds... It was just going to be FUN! Well lets see... Here's what really happened, I forgot to mail invites to friends and deliver the ones to the baby sitter, who's home I am at TWICE A DAY EVERYDAY!!!! Sooooo we had HALF of a sheet cake for about 10 people... and a whole bunch of food... OOPS... Sera thankfully had fun anyway. She wanted Rose's for her birthday, because her name is Sera Rose... Ummm you are 3 you should not know that Rose's are flowers... So Daddy bought her flowers... I mean Rose's 24 baby rose's light pink in color. She was ELATED!!! She is still carrying them around even though they are dying. Its so CUTE!

I have started following many a blogs and I am so happy. I am gaining a lot of useful information.

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