Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1955 Good Housekeeping Article

You may need to click on the photo to read the article.... Now let me tell you a little story. This is pretty much how our house runs... Even to the extent that his plate is made, his clothes are laid out, and his lunch box is well supplied. I often catch a little slack for this. The thing is really that I enjoy doing it. I know its crazy, but oh well...

I was sent this in an email today and several people were cackling until I piped up. You know we do what we do because we want to. In all honesty its just easier. Let's take a moment to reflect...

1.) I lay is clothes out... Why? Well lets see I'm laying 5 other outfits out for morning, it really makes sense and then he's not bugging me in the morning because he can't find something.

2.) I make his plate... Well being the control freak that I am, the one thing I HATE with a passion is too many people in the kitchen. I would rather have all of your plates set and have you
come be seated, until I have the luxury of having a separate dining room this IS how it will be

I could go on and on, but lets face it I have an answer for EVERYTHING...LOL so I won't be doing that!

Enjoy.... I promise to post about Laundry soon, we are moving and my head is not on clearly.

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