Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy Weekend... and now its the dreaded Monday

Lets see where to begin.. Well as I was leaving work on Friday I got good news all around... Kinda!

My husband's car was FINALLY going to be complete after a month in the shop and our glasses which we ordered on Tuesday were in... Talk about fast!!! So I called my husband who met me to pick up our glasses, then we headed to his mom's to drop her car off... We drove back to town where we picked up the kiddos at which point I remembered that I forgot to pick up his dry cleaning which he needed for drill Saturday!! AHHH... We headed back to the body shop to pick up his car which was not complete... errr I left him and Payge at the body shop and headed over to Target ( I know many of you are asking WHY do you shop at Target if you are trying to be frugal when Wal-Mart is cheaper... Well that's another issue I will address later!) I purchased some pants for Josey's photo shoot on Saturday, I also headed over to the mall, with the other three children in tow, to get a skirt and some leggings just incase.

Saturday... Well lets see I got up with my husband and got him out the door for the Navy. Went back to bed for a brief hour then got all the kids up and ready to go to my moms for an hour... Why you ask, well I decided it was time to get in shape... remember that post??!!??! What was I thinking? Anyway, I went and met with Beth... Man does she know what she is doing... Its Monday and I still can't walk! I left there and abruptly headed to pick up my kiddos... We went home and I took at HOT bath... didn't do me any good I suppose! We ate lunch and took a nap...
I got all the kids loaded back into the car and headed to Beth's house for the Hot Mom Mafia Apparel Spring Fling Photo Shoot. Miss Josalynne did AMAZING! As soon as I get photos I will post. I believe I may start a book for her and try some modelling jobs. Why not right? They even used Drea. I headed back to pickup Payge and Sera and picked up dinner, which BTW was a FIASCO!!!! Anyway we went home enjoyed pizza... all until my husband says "honey I'm going to Malaysia.".... WHAT!!!???!?!?!?! Yep that's where he'll spend a couple weeks this summer. He'll then come home and then head off to Chicago!! YAY! It't my favorite so far!!! I crashed after that!

Sunday... Oh Sunday.. We were late for church! I was asked to read scripture which I was more than happy to do, however I was not informed that it was going to be so early in the service so I was not prepared... Church was a little obscure due to a sequence of odd events that occured... Oh well. We left there and headed to the grocery, get payge and back to the grocery... I cleaned my kitchen and now it was time for dinner.... then I took Easter food to my mother in laws because I am OUT OF ROOM!!!! We headed home took baths and CRASHED... I do need to mention that I was incredibly sore on Sunday.... Here it is Monday..... and OOHHHH IT HURTS!

Tomorrow's topic: LAUNDRY!

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  1. Oh boy! Wow-Your life is crazy! But in a great way!!