Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new month, A new me...

As we embark into April, its time to embark on a new me. And no not a new me as a person, but a new me as improving the old...:) After four kids I find that its time to start focusing on who I am because when I am happy all the time, I too can share the love with everyone.

I have had the opportunity to meet someone who is quite an amazing woman. Very inspirational to me... Beth is a mother of 4, runs a handful of successful companies and she's under 30! She will be my new trainer... starting Saturday! I hope I can keep up!!!! Beth runs the Fit and Fabulous University. It focouses on mind, body, and soul. I am elated to make this newstep in my life.

Beth posted a VIDEO on her blog and I'd like to share...

This is what its all about. It just solidifies so much. Watch and I think you will understand.

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