Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Busiest Day Ever and The Biggest Game in a REALLY Long time!!!!

Good Evening!!!!! As I sit here watching what is probably the most important football game in a really long time, I found it necessary to put some thoughts into my blog for habit sake. My husband is squatted, literally in the middle of the the living room floor watching the our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes taking our turn and whooping up on the USC Trojans... Finally!!! All the kids are tucked quietly in their beds, it's very nice.

The day started getting my dear husband ready for Navy duty then falling back into bed. The next part of my morning becomes a blur... I received a call from my seamstress who got Sera's dress done just hours before we needed it. And then I got my girls prepared and loaded in the car rollers in hand... or hair for that matter. We drove an hour and a half and began to unroll hair... dressed my little darlings and got them on stage on at a time. They are definitely coming along... and although they are still showing stage fright they are wanting to do more which I find very positive. Josey got 2nd runner up in her division, Sera received first runner-up and received a large crown... she is now retired from pageants she says she is done and I respect that. The other two didn't place but that is fine as they are gaining confidence from this and they really are having fun.

I then drove another hour and a half home only to change the kids clothes and load them back into the car and deliver them to their grandpa. I returned back home to clean the living room. My hubby decided he need "game" food so I ran to the store. When I returned the girls were back and I cooked the game food. We ate and then noticed Drea's tooth was VERY loose... needless to say daddy assisted and now she is slowly becoming my toothless wonder with 3 missing teeth.

The kids have slipped into bed and now we are watching the game... I am so exhausted. Tomorrow I have even more to do... UGH... Maybe becoming a stay at home mommy isn't such a bad idea.

Until later...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog oh Blog how I've neglected you...

It's time to return to blogosphere... Over the past few months we have been incredibly busy... I just don't know where the time has gone! I continue to follow my favorite blogs, but I have neglected mine... That is going to change!

Let's see where to begin.... Hmmmm... Well I have 3 of my little darlings in school now. Two in "real" school and one in preschool... who knew that they ALL would have homework. Talk about a nightmare... Poor little Josey seems to get pushed aside while her sisters take over the kitchen table to complete their evening assignments...

DH is heading off to Naval training for the third time this year and he just sent me an email for a possible Japan tour beginning in 2010!!! AHHHH Oh well its what we signed up for, right?!?!?!

All of my daughters have taken an interest in pageants, which don't get me wrong, I LOVE,, but its a lot of work for one mom to get four girls on stage. My husband is supportive, however almost every pageant has fallen on a drill weekend SO that leaves me to go at it alone! :) Oh well its what the girls want. Below are some recent photos I took for the upcoming pageant tomorrow. *****Please note BEFORE you judge me for being "one of those pageant moms" I am not. *****
My kids where simple "Sunday's Best" dresses and they were NO make-up or anything fake... Just a lil hairspray! :)

Later this weekend I will post my tips on laundry. God Bless and GO BUCKS!!!! KICK USC Butt!!!