Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Will he ever really get it?

Good morning friends... Last night was a rough night for myself and my dearest friend. Let me provide a little background on the situation.

A good friend (a male) who is one of my husbands closest friends and through the years we too have become close... He is now someone I consider a brother. He was dating a nice young lady as the boys were leaving for boot camp. 2 1/2 short years later we are now the best of friends. Over these past few years the two of them have gone round and round with the whole dating thing... Last week they even spoke of marriage. She is willing to sacrafice so much for him... but he is having commitment issues. I am not sure why and hopefully after lunch today I will understand a little more.

He has hurt her so much over the years and I can't help but feel that I have helped him do that. I have so much love for this boy in my heart because he has always been there for me that I enable him in hurting her. What kind of friend does this? I tell her when he is coming to town... I help her see him... I encourage the relationship, not because I want them together, but because they are two people who need to be together. They both are so much happier people when they are together.

I just needed to vent I suppose and my lonely blog was here... I really need to get back on track with what this blog is supposed to be blogging about.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will all be ok... I need it to be...

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