Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picnics and Ewwwww Ants!

After a crazy day yesterday, I promised the girls that I would take them on a picnic. So we got up, did a few things around the house, and off we went. I'll be honest I was going to do the whole pack the sandwiches, fruit, yada yada yada.... but we didn't have any of that here so we were going to have to do the grocery thing BEFORE we could ever start.  So, instead we went to a local ice cream stand and got hot dogs and cheese stix... however to attempt the semi healthy portion we stopped by a local fruit stand and purchased freshly picked strawberries. They were soooo delicious! We headed over to the local arboretum and spread out a blanket (note to self next time, I'll take at least two blankets) and enjoyed our lunch by the water. It was sooo peaceful.

Here is what I have learned for our next picnic, which I think is going to be a weekly feature this summer...

1.) 1 blanket is NOT big enough for 5 of us! :) at least 2 blankets if not 3 blankets are necessary.
2.) BEFORE I decide that we are taking a picnic, I need to ensure that I have all of the items to pack a
     healthy picnic lunch.
3.) Finding different locations so that the kids can enjoy it... and so that maybe we can enjoy our picnic
    without like a hundred people joining us!

Once we returned from our picnic I needed to clean out both cars. Josh is flying in on Friday so that he can pick up his car. So I HAD to clean out our cars... My car wasn't totally bad so it didn't take very long. Next I pulled Josh's around to the fire pit (that's "our" way of car cleaning...just chuck it into the firepit! :))

What I was about to find about made me sick! Here is a little preface. First of all I parked Josh's car about a month ago for 2 reasons, 1.) because with 4 small children... they don't all safely fit and since we are together MOST of the time, it doesn't really work. 2.) we got a flat on our way home from church one day and the donut is still on the car. I have been looking for a replacement. The "top of the line company" that sold us the set 12 months ago informed me that they, the tire company, are no longer manufacturing that specific tire due to complications with the design... Gee I feel safe! Errr so rather than getting 1 new tire at this time, there is a local tire shop that specializes in quality used tires. These mainly come off of wrecked vehicles where the tires are fine and the frame is damaged etc. I decided that the front tires should match, so I am purchasing 2 used tires from them. The tires are $25 each mounted and balanced... Not too bad! But I digress... Needless to say the car has been parked. Even earlier than all of this my husband thought it was a good idea to drill a hole in the bottom of his trunk so the water that was coming in the trunk (thru the weather stripping that was torn) was a good idea... Hmmm wouldn't it be just as good of an idea to, oh I don't know, replace the weather stripping... I swear, anyway... From living in the country, being parked unattended, under a tree... Ants have decided to enter the car via the hole in the trunk...

As I began to move articles of clothing, paper, etc.... I found the most ewwww HUGE BLACK ANTS!!! Everywhere!!!!!!! Oh, did I mention ewww... I abruptly moved and threw most everything into the fire pit, grabbed the sweeper and began sweeping ants... I also found that someone, I suspect my husband, but it could have been the kids, spilled something on the seat and mold had begun to set in... double ewww!!! Really I'm over this lol! So to recap I will be taking his car for new tires tomorrow, I will also be taking it for an oil change, a bath, I will be buying seat covers and rugs for the floor, oh and he also needs two new mirrors... I also did research and apparently you can get rid of mold with vinegar and water so I'll be attempting that as well. Finally, whether he likes it or not. I am getting ant traps for his car... Did I mention EWWW!!!!

I have so much to do before he comes home this week... Oh you know like cleaning off our bed so we have somewhere to sleep. Our bed has become the catchall since I've been sleeping in the living room until we get our air fixed...

God Bless,

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  1. Ants are one of the main reasons I can't do picnics anymore. I'm pretty sure its not the food they are attracted to, its me. I have never found them in a car though so you have me beat (lucky you!) You're a saint for cleaning that sucker up. Seriously.