Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

After a ridiculously long hiatis I FINALLY have my computer back. I had it back temporarily about a week ago, but after a mere hour on the computer it crashed again... I think we are good to go this time.

So much has happened, I don't even know where to begin. Tomorrow I will be participating in Not Me! Monday!... I have not done some really funny stuff this week.

We are well into my husband's assignment in Great Lakes, Illinois. This time has definitely been different... The kids are older, so one would think it would be easier... Not so much the case. Drea is almost 8 and she has definitely been affected a lot more this time. She's been acting out, not to mention I think we are hitting "tweens" a little early but she is very emotional... Happy, then sad. Angry then crying... You name it and she's doing it. Payge never takes him being gone very easy. She cut her hair... Yes my 6 year old cut her hair... She did this when he was away at boot camp, but she was 3 so it wasn't a huge surprise. Thankfully for her I noticed that she did it when we were in church, because Lord help me what I would have said to her elsewhere...:) Sera, our TOM BOY...Rough and tough 4 year old... CRIES over everything since here daddy has been gone... Mainly she cries because people (mainly her sisters) hurt her feelings.God love that child... She is sooo snuggly. I hope she always keeps that about her. Josey, my sweet Josalynne Tayte... has decided that since her daddy is gone sleeping is not necessary. She refuses bed before 11pm (which for a child who, like clockwork is routinely in bed at 7:30) and naps no longer exsist. Momma is drained.

Baby girl #5 has a name! And its for sure considering shower invitations have gone out and I had an outfit personalized with her name on it for her first photographs. Now I just need to find a reasonably priced photographer. The military life and our extremely large (ok so we aren't the Duggar's, Bates, or Jeub family) but for today 5 kids is a lot... doesn't allow for a lot of extra cash. So we are creative. I did splurge on her outfit because we were at a local festival and I just couldn't pass it up. It is a red, white, and blue tutu with matching onesie and head band... Monogramed with her name. I will post pictures once I receive it. Since they are making it so small they had to take a few extra days so they are making it and sending it. Anyway I'm sure you are wondering what we are naming her... DRUM ROLL PLEASE lol... Since she is being born in July Josh wanted something patriotic... the only thing that kept coming to mind was Liberty... You know us we can't spell anything like its supposed to be spelled... So her name is:

Lybertei Jaimz

I am supposed to be on bed reset however I have so much to do... And when the contractions start I lie down, but I am hoping that I can get the majority of it done this week and next, and then its loafing around I go.

Friday I am attending a homeschool conference to pick up curriculum for the summer.Our remedial summer school begins Monday. We are exploring ATI for fall... We shall see. Praying a lot until we know where we are going and what we are doing.

Oh blog how I've missed you! Until Not Me! Monday... God Bless! Amanda

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