Monday, February 14, 2011

My one true love

Every woman, every wife, girlfriend, fiancee, etc. believes that her love is her one true love, myself, I am no different. Many people do not understand the relationship that I have with my husband, however, we have a plan, a system, and we are completely in sync-most of the time.

I love him more than words and to be honest without my loving Sailor, I would not have my 5 beautiful daughters.

I was graced with his smile one hot July day in the summer of 2000. That whitty smile drew me in and I've never let go. I may have loosened the reins a bit over the years, but I never let go. We are now 1,341 miles away from each other for the next 7 months... I miss him, as all military wives miss their spouses while they're away, however, I'll be honest today I am feeling a bit like scrooge... the Valentine Scrooge that is. There are all of these people around the office with their pretty flowers and nice new jewelry, yada yada yada... Here is the thing, we really don't even do much with Valentines ever, but you know what I want... ALL THAT I REALLY WANT, and NEED at this point... A simple HUG from my sailor. I've already had a meltdown at work... I should note that my husband even ordered me a special gift, it's not here yet, but nonetheless, put forth effort towards the holiday that we rarely celebrate to make me feel good... I miss him so much today, I don't know why... I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way.

With that being said... Happy Valentines to my heart and soul.

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