Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Overwhelmed, overstimulated

Life has been, well for lack of a better word, CRAZY. We are all adjusting to DH being away and its well going. I have been playing catch up for weeks trying to get the house clean. It is not so much that its dirty as that it is full of clutter. I need the cleaning fairy to swing by my house... I pay wellThis is going to be one of those random, multi day posts. I started on Monday, and yet here we are on Tueday and I am working on it again.

My husband has been gone for just under a month... It will be a month on Friday. One down only like 8 more to go... hopefully. I've been feeling overwhelmed lately, the stress of work and managing home has really been getting to me. Josh's sister and grandparents offered to take a couple of the girls for the weekend and then a couple more on another weekend. I think (or I hope) that this will help so that I can get some things done. I have got to get the bedrooms rearranged because my brother and his wife will be coming in next Monday. I am not sure if I illuded to that situation. I will be meeting my sister in law for the first time come Monday. My brother is a young Marine who thought it would be smart to marry some girl that he met three months prior who lives in our home state while he is stationed elsewhere. I'm sure she is a great girl. That primal mothering big sister instinct just kicked in when my baby brother calls on Wednesday and says he is getting married on Saturday...I am excited to meet her and finally have someone in my family to connect with.

I have a busy weekend planned, I have to go get our jewelry appraised. Working in insurance has definitely opened my eyes to the fact that we are underinsured. Not that we have anything extravigant but we have a few items that need insured, just because.

I then have to go to my husband's reserve center and pick up docs to send to him, deliver yummy cookies to his unit, and get my new id. I then will be meeting my stepdad to head back to the big city to head over to purchase the girls new beds. If you have an American Freight in your area and you are shopping for furniture, they are very inexpensive and they offer a military discount which is always a plus.

I have been so overstimulated lately. I have been trying to get the house cleaned up and all that fun stuff, but in the mean time when it comes time for bed I can't seem to unwind. I am physically exhausted yet I toss and turn. The TV on the TV off, the fan on, and on and on and on... I tried to start taking vitamins again, which inturn made me feel as though I was dying... No wonder I ended up in the hospital a crazy eight times when I was pregnant.

I baked some cookies Sunday evening and mailed out to some good friends and my darling husband. My hubby and I finally got to Skype last night for the first time since he has been away. It was soooooooo nice, now all I need is a big hug.

Last Thursday I met with Sera's psychologist as we are starting the process of ADHD diagnosis. I really like the doctor, and I think that my husband would also. The first words out of his mouth after the introduction was, "I don't do medicine unless all other avenues have been exhausted, so if you are here for medicine then you are in the wrong place." Music to my ears. IF and only IF nothing else works will we explore the medication route. I just want my baby girl to be given a fair shot.

Well I suppose this is enough randomness for one post. Welcome to my new followers, tell your friends to follow as well. Giveaways begin when we hit 100. I have decided to make it my goal to be at 100 followers by March 15... The day Phase I training is over for my husband and the day we know where he'll head off to next.

God Bless,


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