Monday, October 18, 2010


I had an amazing weekend with my girls. It was so beautiful. Fall in Ohio is always so random, one day it's hot, one day it's cold. Either way it's a great time.
I spent the weekend with my family, now that I'm back to work I find it even more important to plan these excursions... This weekend we attended the fair, you know the one I entered an obscene amount of baked goods in... I ended on a high note, I placed second in a couple categories! Our oldest daughter rode the kiddie rides with her little sister and then decided that she wanted to ride some of the big rides... She scared the crap out of me... I HATE rides... she loves them.
Saturday I packed them up and headed to the pumpkin patch where they played on the slides, played with goats and rabbits and had an all-around good time. Later I took Josey to get her ears pierced. She looks so cute! :) My husband took off to watch our beloved Buckeyes...who neglected to show up for the game and I stayed home to sew, sew, sew... I am getting excited for my new business venture with a good friend. More coming soon on this.
You know I find it interesting how there are people in your life that you can loose touch with and then they come back into your life and you pick up right where you left off. That's exactly what happened with a couple of people from school. Sheena and Rickell they just sort of fell back into my life over the last few years and I'll be quite honest I am so glad that they did. They are people that I can talk to and our lives are very similar.
I makes knowing that "real firends" do exsist!
Sunday we did the morning scrammble to get to church on time... We were actually early for once... it was nice! Then we took the girls to the local high school to run around the track. My girls LOVE running!!!! (They get that from their father, who went to college on a track scholarship) Our oldest is definitely our runner! She ran a 400 in 1:37... she's 8! Woo Hoo, maybe she'll get a track scholarship too! We then headed over to the diner across the street, a little mom and pop diner. It is super cute and they were super nice as we were the only customers at that time. After that we headed home to drop daddy off and the girls and I headed to the Country Fair... one of the final outdoor fall craft fairs in our area. It made me really yearn for our own place again. I got some great ideas. I even found another house for us until the BIG military move in about a year or so. The house is cheap enough that we could keep it and rent it out while we are gone. It sits on a beautiful piece of land, 6 acres big for our brood to run and play... praying for a way to buy it. After the country fair I fired up the grill and made dinner... Then back to sewing I went. I didn't get nearly enough done though...

This morning I awoke with a migraine... Oh happy Monday.

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying fall as much as we are.

God Bless,

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