Friday, October 29, 2010

A fun filled family weekend ahead

My weekend is full of family fun! Tonight I am cleaning my little heart out to ensure lots of family time this weekend!!!
Drea and I will be working on her diorama for science class… Her and daddy decided that it was going to be made from food… Yippee.  J
We are all trick or treating again on Sunday. That should be lots of fun, and it sticks with our frugal lifestyle getting multiple uses out of our costumes! We are meeting two close friends and their significant others. They both have babies born a few weeks before Lybertei.
My aunt, uncle, and cousin are in from Tennessee. I am so excited. We are having a bon fire Saturday to celebrate my grandmas birthday. I miss seeing them so much. I guess you take for granted them living next door for most of my life until they are gone!
Sunday I am spending three hours of mommy time sewing away for my business, in exchange daddy is going hunting tomorrow morning.  We’ll also be spending Saturday evening cheering on the Buckeyes with family and friends.
I believe tomorrow morning I am getting up early and making Rainbow pancakes for breakfast. It will be mommies little secret as to what is really in them!~
Well I suppose that’s enough randomness for today.

Many Blessings,


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