Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crafty Kind of Christmas

Ok I know what you are thinking... How can she be talking about Christmas already? Well, there is good reason! There is 78 days until Christmas. I have decided that our kids need to learn more what Christmas is "really" about and not the materialistic things that society has made it to be. I have decided that each child is going to receive one purchased gift other than clothing which I have already purchased from my recent Thrift store trip. I am not very confident in clothes yet so I will stick to repairs and fun things.

In addition to what Christmas is really about, there is always the reality that my husband lost his job to failing economic times, our insurance is a big MESS due to the military and their inability to communicate with each other, the mountain of medical bills that are coming in quite rapidly exceeding $15000 so far from when Drea was hospitalized, our Christmas club fund went to car repairs, and life in general, extravigant gifts just aren't in the mix... Which is OK! 

So I picked up some fabric from a fellow Free-cycler today. I am on a mission to make as many items as I can over the next weeks in order to fill the tree. I think it will make Christmas extra special and fun!

I'll keep you posted.

In His Love,


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