Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So that is what it's like... Interesting

Yesterday I had the opportunity to head off to the grocery store with one sleeping infant...and that was it. It was crazy. I made my list, packed up my tiny little bundle of joy, and off we went. I have a sad obsession for the grocery store. There are a few reasons, the first being that I love, love, love to cook and secondly I love to find a good deal. Normally a trip to the grocery is somewhat of a three ring circus and usually ends with the desire to drink a glass of wine by the time I reach the check out. Let me be clear, I love that I have 5 daughters, and I own the fact that I have 5 beautiful children, the chaos that we create in the grocery however does wear a person down. Drea and Payge like to touch things and really want everything, Sera roams and in the off chance that I can get her in the cart she tends to climb out. She is almost 5 so I don't expect her to sit in the cart forever. Josey, well lets see she has to be "in the mood".  I've started to collect creative ways for her to get through the grocery without incident...

I had the privilege to explore the produce section. I got some beautiful greens to make a nice salad, I located shallots and shitake mushrooms that I didn't even know that were in our store... simply because I would make my list, stick to the list and b-line to the next department. From produce we headed to the meat department, I viewed the fresh meat case. I am really wanting to get some fresh sea scallops. I still can't bring myself to pay $12.99 per pound for anything, maybe when they go on sale. :) I strolled through the store marking things off my list and it was so relaxing.

I often forget what it was like to have one child... I wouldn't go back to that, but realizing that spending time with one was just crazy to me. I guess it is something that I need to be more cognizant of.

On another note, Payge, our pretty pretty princess has taken a liking to pageantry like her mother. We have been working on her routines, boy people are right, other peoples kids are way easier. :) When I was coaching I simply said, do this or that and they did it... With Payge she doesn't seem to want to listen. The competitive fire has gotten into me I may have to get a coach for her.

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  1. I have come to hate grocery shopping. Glad you got to enjoy a bit more :)

    Thanks for the cloth diaper suggestion. I will check them out!