Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Monday, Monday...

Typically on Monday's I like to participate in the Not Me Monday blog carnival, however this Monday was a bit special and I honestly needed to share... Warning, if you thought you had a bad day continue reading... You will definitely get a little chuckle out of our Monday.

With a brood of 7 our house ALWAYS has some sort of chaos... some may be organized, other not so much.

Today started like a typical day. Alarm at 6:30, snooze twice, feed the baby, shower, get dressed, pack lunches, get kids clothes ready, wake kids, dress kids, feed kids, hair and teeth... awake hubby to let him know that I am leaving to take the big girls to the bus and that the little girls were in his chair watching Sprout. I loaded the oldest two and Lybertei into the van and away we went... Here is where it begins to get interesting.

Friday I called the bus garage of the new district to make busing arrangements, we were all set... WRONG! As we waited anxiously for the bus we watched as the bus flew down the hill like a bat outta haitis, completely missing my girls, so I loaded the three of them back up and took them to the school. While waiting a received a text from my husband that said: "Grrrrrr can we trade them in?" I laughed and figured they were being rambunctious like usual.

Off to my 6 week check up we went... Yay, NOT! First off we all hate that appointment, and secondly that just reaffirms that in a few short weeks I will be returning to work. I love my job, I'm just really going to miss being home with my kids. Good news is Doc gave me a clean bill of health and said after Lybei turns 1 we are free to have one more baby! (I know you think I am crazy! It's ok most people do!)As I was leaving my husband sent me a text stating that the bathroom had been mopped...So I decided I better call home. Apparently my husband dozed back to sleep when
I left, Sera our 4 year old came to wake him and said the bathroom floor was wet, he told her to get a towel and dry it up, she replied, "I've been trying there is too much." Abruptly he jumped from our bed and... the bathroom and hall were completely flooded. Our darling 2 yr old decided to flush her pull up. (hehehe glad it was him and not me)

I decided that since I was in Zanesville I would venture to the Health dept and see if they had Lybertei's birth certificate ready yet... That's another story. "Nancy" you know the cell phone GPS Nazi... got me lost in Zanesville, she wanted me to turn onto roads that weren't there and turn the wrong way up one way streets. Err I finally found where I was going. I walked into the nice complex and was next in line... yes I'll be in and out in no time... WRONG it took an hour, REALLY?!?!?!?!? To print a piece of paper! I guess I got my $22 worth. While I sat there, oh the "things" that I saw...

I ran to the BMV and into work... both were uneventful. When I got home Josh and I worked outside while the kids napped. I loaded the three little girls into the car to pick up the big girls, who were supposed to be on the bus... Oh yea I called the bus garage again and they said they would make sure they were on the bus home and picked up in the mornings... I was holding my breath... Yay they got off the bus! I took all the kids to let my husband unwind even though he was running this evening.

Once home we prepared dinner, did homework, etc.... After I folded 9 loads of laundry, twice, thank you Josey! It was time to clean out the bathtub where my husband threw everything while tackling the earlier bathroom mess. I left the bathroom to grab a towel and cleaner.... I returned to Josey (are we seeing a pattern here?:)) I came back to her sitting on the potty and she said I peed, YAY... except, she said no mommy I peed and pointed to the huge puddle on the floor, so I sent her to bed and cleaned up the mess and remopped the floor, while doing this she then proceeded to pee on her floor... Seriously! Ugh

After giving all 5 baths, I ran to my grandmas to fix her air conditioning and then came home to finish the dinner dishes... Now here we are. I hope these allows for some laughs, because truly if you can't laugh it makes for very long days! :)

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