Friday, August 20, 2010

Diaper Dilemma and such

We are full force of adjusting to baby #5 and daddy being home. We have tried cloth with our newborn however she is still so small it's really not working... Not even the few XS Customs that I ordered from Cow Patties... So until further notice we are using disposables with Lybertei. There is another dilemma that we are facing though...She is getting too big for the newborn diapers but the the size 1's are ginormous on her!

On another note... The Babyland cloth diapers that we ordered are working well for Josey. She doesn't wear them except for at night but they are working quite well.

I wrote several blogs... on paper... on our long car ride home from Chicago a few days ago. I will be posting them soon.

I finished school shopping for the girls today. I am still trying to get Sera into preschool. We have lost half of our income because my husband is not working, however they take the previous years income... Seriously, a year ago we were doing amazingly well... not so much right now. It's just frustrating...

Well until next time... God Bless

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