Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a week.

I have sent my husband to Medical School for the Navy, at which time his flight was delayed 3 hours, his itenerary changed, luggage lost, and on and on and on...

I proceeded to have another massive gallbladder attack... I can't imagine the pain people are in, but then you throw pregnancy in on top of it... UGH I have never not wanted to be pregnant more in my life. I spent Sunday evening in bed, all day Monday, Tuesday was admitted to the hospital, discharged Wednesday night and on and on and on. I am still in pain, but more functional than I have been in days.

I am back to work today. I am hoping that I start feeling better soon. Doc said we would talk about bed rest at my next appointment... Six days and counting. I have decided that I am ready.

I booked my trip to Chicago. We leave in 29 days... I am excited. I have to say the girls are holding up pretty well during the first week of daddy being gone. I hope it continues. I am renting a van and we are trecking 500 miles to Waukegan, IL... Should be an interesting trip! :) I elected to go Memorial Day weekend so that we have an extra whole day.

I just got an email notification that my new book is on its way. I have joined the Bloom Book Club. The new reading: Strong Women Soft Hearts is the book for May. We are starting on Mother's Day. I sort of like having a strict outline so that I am accountable for reading daily rather than having to cram several chapters in last minute.

I am excited that our Girl Scout Troop will be going in a new direction next year. I believe we are going to convert (hmmm interesting word, probably the wrong one) to American Heritage Girls. It is less liberal, Christian based, and ministry driven. It reflects a lot of our personal family values, so in theory will be much easier for us to follow. I am really excited about this change.

I know there was more I wanted to add, but for some strange reason... (LOL) I can not for the life of me remember.

God Bless.

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