Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a day!

My husband is gone... sort of. He's been sitting at the airport for 5 hours but nonetheless he is gone. :(
I have to give myself props... As much as I wanted to, I did NOT cry! Yay me! Not gonna lie, I wanted to, but it was time to suck it up for my girls.

We went to lunch after we left the airport. I am feeling really bad, not really sure what is going on. I thought it was nerves, not clearly this is not.... It's really something different. Maybe I will stay home tomorrow!

I am drafting my not me Monday post. It proves to be funny. :)

*******************DISCLAIMER: What I am about to say could simply be hormones, however, I also want to add that it is not meant to offend any of my friends...It is a simple observation that irritates me to no end!***********************************************

Once we warpped up lunch we drove to Kroger as I needed just a few items for the week: fresh fruit, bread, yogurt, and macaroni... That's it, a handful of items, simple enough right? WRONG!

For those who don't know my husband has requested that I not shop on Sunday's and most of the time I can comply. I have found that I feel better on Monday when I don't shop on Sunday and spend the day resting.

Here is where the tide turned.... We were in line to check out. They had 6 lanes open, all with like 6 people in them, no lie. I've been the person in line with a bazillion coupons and WIC and and and.... BUT what infuriates me to no end is... drum roll please. Again please DON'T be offended this is my opinion and my observation. I should say that yes at one time we were on food stamps, that is REALLY not the problem, and YES we ALL, myself included struggle with weight and body issues. My problem lies when you and your significant other are 350+ pounds, you have two carts full of food and pay with food stamps, NOW really this doesn't even phase me UNTIL half of your second cart has the following items in it: 2- 50# bags of dog food, 25 # bag of cat food, 40#'s of cat litter, 3 of those refillable water cans (you know the ones that the Culligan man brings). Water is important, however I have a problem when you are spending government money on it. Do you know why I am mad? Here is why... If you are unable to get employment (my husband was unemployed until he got Active Duty Military orders, but when he returns... We could find ourselves in unemployed status again) , if you are physically unable to work: whatever I don't look down on Food stamps for people at all... I do look down on when you are on the, clearly have a weight problem and the majority of your benefits are being spent on JUNK FOOD... I don't think I saw anything that even resembled fruit or veggies in their carts... And then you spend another $60 in animal products... I mean really.

Like I said maybe it is pregnancy hormones or something, but I just find it terribly discouraging when there are people who NEED these services and don't "qualify" as the state says, and then there are others who you can see are clearly wasting the benefits that they are receiving.

Phew... OK so I got that off my chest.... Now I'm gonna make dinner, and snuggle with my babies and sleep!!!!!

Until... Not me Monday... XOXO

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