Friday, April 16, 2010

So much to do, so little time...(and apparent randomness...:))

Today is sort of bittersweet. While it's certainly been hard financially for my husband to be off work, it certainly has been nice. Simple hassles of day to day life, you know, getting the kids loaded into a cold car and into the baby sitter, dinner after a long day of work, laundry and household tasks that seem so daunting... are now all done before I ever get home from work. Definitely not a situation that I  would ask for but one that has been a blessing for sure.  It definitely makes me consider the option of a one income family... We shall pray.

I have taken some time and updated my 101 in 1001 post. I am getting there, thank goodness the venture is 1001 days!

I guess I should explain why today is bittersweet... In a little more than a week my husband will be leaving for a minimum of 16 weeks of Naval training. This is the life of a Navy wife! :) I'm a little more than 25 weeks pregnant set to deliver via c-section in less than 13 weeks. Yes 16 weeks is longer than 13 so we aren't really sure how all this is going to play out. It is our hope that he can at least come home from Thursday evening and fly back out Sunday... Keeping our fingers crossed.

I am in the process of scheduling a couple of trips to Chicago before the baby comes, and then the 5 children and myself will hop into a car van to pick Josh up the 2nd week of August. I know I am taking the 4 with me atleast once, but possibly twice. It is our hope that when we are on our way home we will take several days to come back... vacationing and such.

I have to share my grocery story with you. We are on $85 week grocery budget, which seems to work. This past weekend was even better. Kroger had their triple coupon sale. Woo hoo!!!! All in all our original bill was $87.54... Over by $2.54, BUT then they started trippling my coupons, viola... Final Bill $57 even! Now that's smart shopping.

While our kids will be attending a new public school in the fall, we will also be supplementing a home school program at home. We have obtained some instruction material from CHEO as well as biblical teachings. Since we are considering the one income lifestyle, we might as well ease into the home school aspect for our future. Some may say (mainly relatives) that we are pushing our children too hard. I'm sorry, but it is our firm belief that if you do not push your children and give them the tools that they need to be successful adults then you have not done what you are supposed to as a parent. While I would love for my daughters to be serving wifes and mothers to their families, I believe it is something that they need to be taught NOT something that they just pick up. Sure they can pick it up, I certainly did, BUT I want them to know from the beginning not have to figure it out.

I am most looking forward to when my husband decides where his Navy career is going to take us. Being out on our own again and forming our children in a proper manner. Through God all of this will happen.

This past Sunday we began our journey at Church without a pastor. Our's was asked to resign and we are now amidst the process of finding a new one. Until then we will have visiting pastors. This past week we had Rev. Gordon. He was amazing. I haven't felt that good leaving church in a long time! He preached about 1 Chorinthians 13. I'm sure you are familiar: Faith, Hope, and Love but of these, Love is the most important. There is something about his message that has resignated with me all week. When I am feeling weak I simply reflect and remind myself of the passage. I simply say Love is patient! Just those three little words have helped ease my frustrations and remember that God is only giving me what I can handle... Lots of prayer has been going on, on my part, but all for good reason.

I suppose that's all for now.



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