Friday, April 23, 2010

So much to do, so little time

I have determined that I have too much to do and not nearly enough time! Josh needs packed... I've started but there is plenty more that needs done! SURE I could let him do it, but we'd just end up arguing about what he needs and where it is at. I received a call from the seamstress tonight and she still isn't done quite yet. (three patches sewn on and two pr of pants hemmed) errr... I dropped them off on Tuesday... I know she's busy, just makes me nervous.

Sera's birthday party is tomorrow, yes rain or shine. In order to prepare for the party I have to: finish the pasta salad, make the potatoes, put the veggie trays together, make the lemonade, finish cleaning the kitchen, decorate, and organize the yard... I have lost the gift bag for the gifts..., I have completed the fruit salad and laid out the meat... I believe that is all that I have accomplished.

We've been talking a lot about our own business lately. I think it should be food oriented, Josh has other ideas. I have been thinking a lot lately about catering for smaller functions. All the food I am doing for not only this party, but also three other partties in the near future I kinda have it down, plus I LOVE COOKING! It would also allow time to be home and home school the kiddos full time. Going to have to soul search about this for sure!

I recently downloaded photo editing software. I can't wait to start using it. It'll definitely be after this weekend though... otherwise I might loose my mind. :)

I am already bouncing around ideas for my not me monday post... OMG...

I can tell you that I am sitting here at 9:31 arguing with a TWO YEAR OLD!!!  She SHOULD be sleeping instead she is here sitting at my feet yelling that she's four... with 10 fingers up. She's terrorizing the house... And shaking her butt calling me a hillbilly... Yes that is my two year old. Hmmm I might see a Not my child monday post formulating!!! :)

Ok I'm tired. I should probably sleep so that I can do all my crap tomorrow! OY!

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