Thursday, April 8, 2010


Please be warned now this post is full of complete randomness! :) I have a lot of thoughts so what a  better way to do it than blog while I await my Tylenol PM to kick in.

Where to begin, my husband received a call yesterday that he'll be heading back to the windy city in two short weeks. He's a little bummed that he isn't going to the beach but it is what it is. :) I'm excited because it's close for us to commute.

I am throwing myself a diaper shower, there are mixed reasons for this. One Josh is laid off so we could use the help, but that is such a minimal part of it as we know God will provide what we need. I know that, but the main reason I am having the shower is that anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to have parties! I am excited to have friends and family together celebrating the life of this child. I had hoped one of the most important people in my life would have been involved, she thinks its a dumb idea, so, I'm doing it!

I will be posting photos soon of our Easter holiday. While we wanted to keep the holiday about God and the resurrection, we did cave beyond what we wanted to as unfortunately as commercialized Easter giving. Mostly because I have a shopping problem once I'm there... OOPS! As far as the family egg hunt I wanted to just do coins for the kids... I don't know about your kids, but mine LOVE money... I was vetoed against so whatever they got chocolate, filled the eggs and we threw it away. We didn't throw it away because we are prudes who don't want our kids to have candy, but we just don't believe that they need excessive amounts of it! I should ALSO note that we are not people who don't celebrate holidays traditionally with gifts and parties, we do, BUT as we are finding God and our place within Him, I want to instill what these special days are truly are about.

The girls have been open enrolled into a new school district for next year. With the fact that our levy is probably not going to pass I had to take steps to ensure my children are well taken care of.  We shall how this goes. Since homeschooling is out of the option right now this is the best option for us.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Kate Gosselin.,its not an obession I just really like her parenting style and I truly believe she is an iconic woman. I've even taken up DWTS watching... and yes voting. Her new book will be released Tuesday... I'm totally buying it! Today TLC also annouced that Kate plus 8 and Twist of KAte will be hitting their line up this summer.  I am also a huge fan of Michelle Duggar. I am happy to know God has answered prayers and Josie Duggar has been released from the hospital. These iconic woman and mothers give me hope and direction along with God.

I told you this would be random! I am also working my laundry post... Stay tooned. Also watch for Not Me Monday...I'll be participating in come Monday.

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