Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm feeling crafty

So rather than writing about all the things that I need to be doing for my husband's departure, I wanted to do a post about what we {meaning me and my girls} will be doing while my husband is gone. I have a firm belief that these hands on activities are not only fun, but character building for my kids... plus the time spent together is definitely invaluable!

There is one minor hitch in my plan, but my good friend has agreed to assist me. I seem to be sewing machine challenged. Not because I don't know how to use it, but because mine won't work. Jessica is going to look at it to see if it is operator error, or if I need to get it fixed. I'm guessing it is operator error! :)

Here is our short list: this could definitely grow once A.) we see HOW well these go and B.) what supplies we come across in the next few weeks and months.

1.) Burp clothes for the new baby. I think that if we do these together it will help the kids feel involved in the baby process.

2.) Wipe Cases, these are going to have dual purposes, obviously I will have one for baby wipes for the baby, but as you will see later we are going to be making travel bags. I am hoping to find enough for the girls to have two a piece. One for wipes so that when we are in the car they can wipe their faces and hands, and one for either snacks or pencils, etc.

3.) Bows and bow holders. I have been making these for the girls for a few weeks now. They really enjoy them, so I thought why not TRY to let them assist in making some of the easier designs. I am also
purchasing some nice wooded cut-outs for them to decorate so that we can create bow holders for all their lovely bows.

4.) Bean bags. I have oodles of beans that were once in the Angel Food Ministries boxes that we have not used. I will be using them to make bean bags for hop scotch and like games to play with the kids. I figure they will enjoy the time filling them.

5.) Crayon Wallets. I have seen these on various websites and with our travelling this summer, and heck even church service on Sundays I thought these would be perfect. I am going to include enough for the girls to      have a large box of crayons (I may regret this later) and a small note book in each wallet.

6.) I Spy Bags. This is probably the one I am most excited about. These are bags filled with items intermixed with polymer plastics beads, hopefully allowing for hours of fun! :) I imagine we'll make 10-15 of these, all different so that car rides, etc. are much more interesting and so that they don't get bored looking at the same 5 bags.

7.) Snack Bags. I am trying to figure this one out. Obviously a bag is pretty simple, however I would like to
line it with vinyl (I think), and I want to figure out how to make some sort of closure on it. The obvious
closure would be a zipper, BUT I am not an expert sewer and I'm not positive I would know how to do
this. I suppose this will be a trial and error project.

8.) Tote Bags. I will be buying tote bags for the girls, but I will be allowing each of them to decorate them.
These will be their BUSY BEE bags that I am planning on them taking with us on any extended trip in the
car. Each bag will contain the following: Crayon wallet, activity book, I Spy Bag, Wipe Case with wipes,
Wipe case with "other" items, Snack bag, and a water bottle. I think these will allow to kep the girls busy
in the car, in church, etc. and make them responsible for these items in and out of the car.

Our goal for the summer is to begin a home school curriculum full of life learning activities so that we can have the most well rounded kids! I will be blogging soon on our purposed schedule. I know, I know I should be letting my kids enjoy the summer, but since I will be going back to work in Mid-September, it is necessary that we start ASAP. :) Besides the lul in learning is never good for kids. We have found that if we stick to a strict schedule, our children thrive much better than if we fly by the seat of our pants.

As we begin accumulating our projects I will also post photos. Beginning soon I will be participating in Project 365. A friend of mine Sheena, has been doing this. I am not sure if she is part of the official Project 365 group or not, but it has inspired me to capture my family and our life in a more reflective light. I will be starting ours in the middle of the year, but I figure 365 days is 365 days right? :)

On MckMama today she shared the photo editing program she uses, I am hoping that I can save enough that for my birthday I can purchase the system. I LOVE how people edit their photos, I want to do the same. :)

I suppose that's all for now. Coming soon: Photos from our Resurrection Cookies, Craft photos, and our home school schedule.

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