Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 2011!

We made... Here we are 2K11... Who knew it would come so fast. A lot has happened over the last few  weeks, err days, err umm little while... While our lives have changed in lightning speed over the past year, the last few months were, well a blur. We finished our "holiday" season this past weekend. I so LOVE the holidays because I LOVE spending time with my family.

Ok, soooo I've been writing this post since Tuesday, MONDAY! Let me regroup and see if I can remember my thoughts!

I am going to be writing a seperate post here in a few, it deserves it's own post. A story of paying it forward.

I'm finding that since it has taken me three five days to write this post, my thoughts are quite jumbled. I had a large paragraph that was in regarding what we thought was going to be good news regarding my husbands military status, but as with all things military, one call can change everything, so we are back to waiting... One of these days I will learn that waiting is normal.

Last night I had JoJo's (aka Josey, Josalynne, Tayter Bug, etc.) (she's started calling herself JoJo, so I'm going with it.) photos taken for her third birthday. Where 'o where has the time gone? She is getting so big. There will be a post dedicated to her Tuesday, her actual birthday. I am so excited. The photographer posted a few on facebook last night and they are AMAZING!!! More to come with these.

I have decided to hit the gym. I believe that I will be following the Couch to 5K plan. It is a 9 week plan broken down into 3 workouts per week, which fit conveniently into my schedule! I am doing this because I've decided that this summer I will not be sitting on my bum. I am going to register for the Warrior Dash. It seems barbaric, but really a heap of fun! And my husband and I are also considering the Tour de Cause bike race. I imagine that I'll do the 10 mile...

God Bless,


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