Monday, January 17, 2011

60 day challenge, so far and cloth diapering... randomness

This is clearly going to end up being a random post. So far I am 5 days into my 60 day self challenge. So far so good. I am hanging on tight, I am on day 3 of no caffiene... and it hasn't been too awfully bad. Now I just need to incorporate the exercise portion and we'll be well on our way. This week will be a true test to my ability to succeed. I am travelling out of town for work Tuesday-Thursday. Eating out for three days could get interesting, however I am stocking my suitcase with apples to help curb my appetite. Unfortunately I'll be missing my weight watchers weigh in on Wednesday since I'll be out of the office. I am hoping I can find another meeting to go to so that I can see my progress. I have been trying to remind myself that this is going to be a slow process as I am still breastfeeding...

Cloth diapering, all I can say is I love it, and I wish I had only found it sooner... Wow the money we would have saved! I have to admit, I am so loving it that I have become somewhat addicted to purchasing cloth diapers! I can say in all honesty that since Lybertei has been born she has not had one diaper rash, which I attribute completely to cloth diapering.  I am hoping to get some photos of her modeling her new dipes in the next few weeks, I just picked up some really cute new designs.

Dinners since my husband left have been less than fabulous. I have decided that beginning Sunday... I am all for the beginning of the week kind of person, even though today is Monday. That I will start back to my menu planning. It definitely makes life WAY easier, after all I do have a membership to Menu Planning Central, I really should start using it.

I am going to be emailing one fine follower this week to get together a button for your blogs. I will be grabbing more buttons soon. I am so glad to be growing my blog. I've been following my followers and I'll be honest, I am learning a lot from all of you.

God Bless,



  1. I too wished I had cloth diapered sooner on our son. He is 21 months right now and we started around 16 months. We love it! At least we know how easy it is with modern cloth diapers and will definitely use in on our next child!

  2. I've been pondering cloth (better late than never), but there are so many choices. Any tips for picking out?

  3. McDancer, Welcome! I LOVE COOLABABY Diapers, but to be honest I have bought nearly all of mine off ebay. With 5 kids we have to be thrifty and I have found quality NEW cloth diapers at ebay.
    Good luck on your journey and enjoy reading!