Friday, January 14, 2011

60 Day Challenge

New Year's Resolutions are really made to be broken. I often have thought that maybe the whole resolution idea was created by someone chaneling devilish tendencies. I mean looking at it simply the devil does relish in defeat. I deviate, instead of resolutions that I know I am going to break I have determined making small attainable goals that will yield a wealth of results would be more rewarding than ever.

My husband was called last Friday and advised that he would be sent on active duty for additional training the following Tuesday. Wow, no time to internalize anything that was happening to us. Today is Day 2 of my challenge. Day 1 was trying... I am slowly getting there.

I decided that if he was going to be away for 64 days before his first graduation that I was going to do something during that time, for me, for us, for my family. Get healthy, yes I want to loose weight, but overall I just want to get healthy. I have started to take vitamins again, increasing my water intake, and will be slowly eliminating my caffiene. This will be the hardest. I have long been a 2 Coke a day kinda girl.

I joined Weight Watchers to begin with. While I am at my pre-baby #5 weight I am still at minimum 20-25 pound heavier than when I met my husband. I want to do something about it! I joined WW because I needed something to be accountable too. I know it sounds weak, but lets face it, as humans we are weak!  Beyond the accountability I need something that teaches me how to eat right. Yes, I love fruits and veggies and what not, but I also love the not so healthy items either: fried chicken, gravy, bacon, and on and on and on. While I know they are fine in small quantities, that's where the problem lies.

Secondly in a previous post I stated that I would be doing the Couch to 5K Challenge. Today is day number 1. So far it wasn't too bad. My husband purchased me a gift card for Christmas. I refuse to use it to purchase clothing in my current size because that will just encourage me to do nothing. So until I'm 2 sizes smaller that nice little gift card will reside in a safe place. I am hoping that this time comes just before I hop on a plane to see my handsome husband all dolled up in his uniform.

I hope you follow me on my journey.

God Bless,


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