Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pay it forward...Unexpected series of events

A few weeks ago I was at our local thrifty grocery store. You know the one, where you pay for your cart. I was picking up a few final things for some baking projects for Christmas. I had paid for my purchase and was at the side table packaging my purchase into boxes and grocery bags that I had just purchased. I was almost finished and I heard the lady that was behind me in the line discussing something with the cashier, however as busy as we were I just didn't hear what all she was saying. It was not until the lady was almost out the door that I realized their discussion. Said store doesn't accept credit cards unless you have a pin. The lady couldn't remember her pin and didn't have enough cash to pay for her food. I tried to catch her so that I could buy her food for her. She wouldn't stop walking and I kept thinking about that day, over and over in my head, what IF I had only heard sooner I could've helped.

Just before Christmas we took our kids on a shopping spree to Toys R Us, they filled the cart and were elated, little did they know what was about to happen. We approached the cashier and told the cashier we needed nothing bagged, a young man behind the register, he too had no idea what we were about to do. He scanned each item and handed it back. We proceeded to hand them to the girls and had them place the toys into the Toys for Tots bin. He was completely taken aback. He said he's never seen anyone do that before. Afterward we discussed with our children what we were doing and why. Jojo was the only one who didn't quite understand.

Unless you have been living under a rock of obscurity this week you have probably heard or seen a story on a man named Ted Williams. He was a homeless man that a local paper here, just 15miles away wrote a story about, in a mere 24 hours his life changed forever. He was brought in by a local radio station and the rest is history, he now is the voice of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and the Cleveland Caviliers and more...This all leads me to my final point, something that I never expected nor would I.

Last night we were at dinner, a local pizza place. We were going to be telling the girls that Josh was leaving again with the Navy... We were waiting on our food and our waitress came by to say that she was sorry there was an error with our order. She apologized and said that she had spoken to her her manager to discount our meal, however while talking to her manager a nice couple, a couple that I had seen a couple tables away paid our bill. I have NEVER seen these people before in my life... They told the waitress that we seemed like a nice family. Really? I mean don't take this wrong I am so thankful, so much that I have cried like three times over this, but just by one look they thought we were nice and wanted to buy our dinner. To those angels where ever they are, thank you so much, and God Bless you!

So now, I'd like to know what you have done or what has someone done for you to pay it forward?

God Bless

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