Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh they grow so fast...

I don't have much time to write today as I spent my lunch emailing someone that I felt needed a smile. I hope she got it!

We finally got some good news last night, Tricare, our military insurance is going back and reinstating our insurance from the day we were originally eligible from when my husband seperated from active duty and became eligible for Tricare Reserve Select... It's complicated, however, this was an answered prayer for sure... If they wouldn't have reconsidered, we would be facing $30K in out of pocket expenses. Now we are only responsible for around $4K-$5K... And hopefully we can raise that at her fundraiser in the next month or so. PRAISE THE LORD

We are still waiting to hear whether Josh got selected for FTS or not... patiently we wait, knowing it is in HIS time... Still praying

Here are some fun photos of my girlies:

Playing Photographer: Merry Christmas from the Nihiser Girls!

 Miss Lil T thinks she needs to crawl.. she won't sit up, but she crawls... REALLY! Slow down little miss!

Standing on her toes... Where does the time go?

And a funny one of our family photo shoot, God love our photographer and her patience with us!

Enjoy these, I'll be back soon.

God bless,


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