Friday, December 17, 2010

It's all in the numbers

It's all in the numbers:
I've been thinking about this post for some time, so here we go: These are the minimum numbers for our day,everyday...
*14 socks
*7 pr of underroos
*7 shirts, pants, and coats (in theory)
*14 shoes
*9 towels, at least
*21 plates, 21 forks, and 21 spoons
*if each person left 5 things "laying around" in a day, that's 35 extra items for me to put away.
*a minimum of 8 bags leaving and returning to the house
*5 hats and 12 gloves
*2 boxes of macaroni and cheese
*one loaf of bread
*half gallon of milk,at least
This is sort of a large post, so I decided to increase the size for point and emphasis, maybe it's overkill! :)

Anywho, what is the point of this post? Well... the point being these are just a few of the numbers. How is a mother of a large family supposed to function with all these "things"?!?!?! Well I finally, about a month ago, have came to realize that I am not super woman... I can't do it all. The biggest part of that is accepting this fact. So as a part of my realization came some new rules and practices at our home, which have been quite effective I might add. We inherited clothing racks from our church when the clothes closet shut down a few weeks ago, now that I have them I need more. I recently purchased more than 200 hangers and truthfully I need more... My goal by February 1, 2011 is to have all of our clothes hung minus undergarments and socks!. I have a system that my husband still isn't too keen on, but hey it works so I'm going with it. All of the shirts are on one side of the rack, by size. Pants, sweaters, dresses, and OSU garb are all the same as well. My exception to this is Lybertei's... her's are on a rack of their own. I am hoping to get a few more racks for my husband and I. The kids find it amusing and say it looks like a store. 
Beyond clothes I have instituted a few more small activities that the kids are responsible for. First, my husband had the opportunity to spend a few weeks working at the local Navy Operational Support Center so that has left me to get all 7 of us ready and out of the house by 0700 daily. So, everyone (but the baby) is responsible for getting themselves ready, once you are ready you are then responsible for getting your buddy ready. I have matched Drea and Josey together because they are most alike, Payge has been paired with the baby, and Sera is responsible for herself. I start by laying out all 7 complete outfits, although my husband has kind of been on his own lately, but he is managing well. (insert snicker here) All they have to do is get dressed, this also entails, shoes on, teeth and hair brushed, coats and bags ready, and THEN and only then you help your buddy. The system has worked pretty well.

Secondly in the evenings my kiddos have been leaving things lay lately... and the room(s) I absolutely HATE to clean is the kitchen/dining room... The clutter that arrives in that area so quickly frankly annoys me! I even bought a plaque at the local thrift store yesterday that makes reference to the clutter... I will hang it in our new home. I have been making them do the floor clean up plan... What ever is on the floor pick it up, I DON'T CARE IF YOU DIDN'T PUT IT THERE! I asked you to pick it up so please do so.

Payge has been so willing to help and do dishes, I remember when I was so eager to do the same... hehehe, oh well she likes to do it and does a good job at it, so occasionally I allow her to help with that as well.

Slowly my brood is learning what teamwork can mean when it comes to cleaning so hopefully we can keep up this momentum. And hopefully in early 2011 we'll be moving! 

God Bless,

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