Friday, July 30, 2010

Life, Love, & Lybertei

Well 8 short days ago we welcomed our little bundle of joy Lybertei Jaimz into this world. She,like all the rest is absolutely perfect... I do have to say though, since Ondrianna was born almost 8 years ago, Payge 6, Sera 4, or even Josalynne 2... This mommy has grown so much. I am learning to be more patient with my children, I am learning to cherish EVERY second... every smile, every tear. I don't know if it is age or what exactly it is, but over the past few months I felt myself changing... growing.

I believe there are things people don't know about me. I believe I am beginning to turn into a semi-crunchy kinda momma. Crunchy Beach Mama had a post a few days ago defining Crunchy Mama... I got to thinking hmmm a lot of these things are who I am and what I believe... Urban dictionary defines CRUNCHY MAMA as:
Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding (CHECK) , baby wearing (CHECK) , cloth diapering (CHECK), co-sleeping (CHECK) , gentle discipline (CHECK), etc. One who questions established medical authority(SORTA...Mainly Vaccinations); tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods( It's more I make it all from scratch, not necessarily organic, including baby food). I should say it's not that I don't support home birth, it's more that I am unable to have a home birth... my body is physically unable to support a natural birth.

My hubby will be home in a few weeks, for a few weeks... I love the military life...kinda... My husbands contract is up in three years, thankfully when he reenlists we'll be able to enlist as Active Duty instead of Ready Reserve. I'm so ready to move and get a new start somewhere...anywhere else.) I love small town Ohio, but I believe we are destined to be somewhere else.

Back to "things" Lybei is breastfeeding well... I forgot how much I missed this... That one on one time, skin to skin... It just warms my heart. I got my "sentencing notice" I mean return to work information in the mail today... I know in this economy I should be forever thankful that I even have a job, but I really just want to be home with my girls... We'll figure this out one way or another.

I am looking for a new sewing machine. A friend of mine took mine a few months ago to see if she could figure out if it was operator error or if it was something with the machine... She still hasn't figured it out so I'm thinking I am going to call it a wash and buy a new sewing machine. I have some SERIOUS craft bug crawling in me right now... Some I want for me and my girls... Others I plan to sell at a couple local craft shows and online.

Pre-baby I froze a lot of food... Now I am thinking that I am going to clean out two of our four freezers and refill them with frozen dinners for when I go back to work... I need to get on that... But FIRST... This house is getting a complete overhaul in the next week or so... I needs to be done BEFORE I pick up my husband on the 17th... I can't deal with it ANYMORE!!! I am still trying to recover from my surgery, but by early next week... I am on a mission... Room by room it WILL be done!!!

I will post photos of baby Lybei soon.

God Bless,


  1. Don't you love that definition? (thanks for the mention!) 5 girls huh? so if I have another baby it might be a 4th boy? I need a girl! :) And you do it on your own most of the time? HOW? I admire you tons and glad you stopped by earlier so I could meet you :)

  2. Congratulations!!! You are my hero:) Have a wonderful weekend with your girls!!