Friday, July 9, 2010


As I've said before I LOVE to throw parties... Birthdays, Showers, Anniversaries, etc...

This week my grandparents are celebrating two major milestones. I am all of 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and on level 2 bed rest. This is probably the first week I've really abided by that... And I definitely feel a lot better..hmmm maybe doctor knows best.

Now back to my grandparents... Wednesday my grandmother celebrates her 85th birthday! It's amazing! You'd never know she was that old by looking at her. And on Saturday the 17th my grandparents will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary!!!! AMAZING!!!! I can only hope that I am so lucky! Initially I had planned a huge party, but against my will I decided that it probably wasn't the smartest idea... It's really killing me! So since I can't throw them a party I still wanted to do something small. For her birthday I am going to make her a Rhubarb Pie... I want to show her what she has taught me over the years! :) For their anniversary I made them a honey pot... My grandfather is the President of the tri-county bee keepers assoc. he has raised bees for as long as I can remember. They need nothing, they want nothing, so I thought this was a smart option. Secondly I am going to make them a Bee-Hive Cake. I'm going to make it with a chocolate cake mix, honey from grandpa's bees, a caramel ganache, and vanilla frosting. I would rather use chocolate, however I need to be able to color it yellow, soooo chocolate won't work. I'll try to remember to take photos and post them, unlike my shower... I'll touch on that later.

I've done it though... I've accepted that I don't have control over EVERYTHING and that SOMETIMES you just have to let go and trust that you are doing the right thing! :)

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