Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TLC, Parent-teacher conferences, and such

Ok so a week ago we got "the call" from TLC, we've been selected to be featured on one of their reality shows, YAY! Right? WOW, this is so much work! Who knew it right? First they needed 5 photos, no problem, ummm except when they are going to network TV. Is this picture clear enough, is this what they are looking for... yada, yada, yada... STRESSFUL......

Next, they want a video, the video, umm yea... video interview with my family... well they are getting a video, I am not sure that its what they want. I wish it was!!! So, it could break the deal I'm not totally sure how its going to go, but we shall see... hehehe

The kids are bathing and hubby is chilling in bed, I am catching up on daytime soap operas and blogging while I await sendspace to upload the files...to send to TLC. Such a tedious project. But it'll all be worth it in the end.

Parent teacher conferences were tonight... Defintely interesting. Drea's on the gifted curve so hopefully she'll get moved into that program next year... Payge is having a problem with a particular child in her class... Hopefully we can resolved this asap.

I am trying to figure out this whole menu planning stuff.... I thought I was doing good HOWEVER.... we are going to the church sweetheart dinner on Saturday evening... FREEBIE yay, but in planning saturday nights dinner and sundays ended up being the exact same thing... GREAT, back to the drawing board I guess...



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