Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm gonna miss this...

I have had this feeling lately, I really wasn't sure what it was... And then I read ASHLEY's blog and MckMama's blog, and it came to me! I'm going to miss this!!! I look back over the years and there is so much that I wish I would have captured about my children... I can't believe that Ondrianna is 7!!! She's my baby... I think this year was the hardest in letting her go to school. My dream, stay at home and home school all of my children. I truly hope through prayer one day this will be a reality. I would even consider if I could work from home... I hate to say it but sometimes I feel bad because she is the oldest that she oftern gets a lot of the burden on her.... I will work on this, maybe this should go on my 101 in 1001 list... Miss Drea, mommy loves you very much I hope you know this... you are my shining star.I love how my daughter comes to me every evening... several times just to say I love you... I'm going to miss this! 2010 has brought the realization  to listen to those words and cherish every time that I hear it!

Ah and then there is Payge... my poor Payge, I wonder what life with her will be like in 8 years... she is a pistol now,  thats what makes her special! She is a spitfire who's personality is what makes her... I'm sure when she's older... I'm going to miss this. :) She's a snuggler, while there are plenty of things I should be doing, snuggling sounds so much better doesn't it?! I've missed MANY opportunities to just curl up with an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants and my Payge... Note to self 2010, live for the moment, tomorrow is never promised, do things that are important rather than what is "IMPORTANT".

On a side note as I am curled up typing this blog, Josey is in her room playing her piano, Sera is standing on the couch singing All the Single Ladies and watching Little Miss Perfect. Drea is telling me how she just can't sleep... We'll be returning to the doctor for that soon... Payge, like her mommy, passes out the moment she can. She's tucked into her bed amidst the chaos.

Now comes my Sera Bug... She has such a VIVID imagination... From her fairy like actions as she floats from place to place, or to her hundreds of kisses and hugs... I'm going to miss this!!!! She is my little miss perfect pageant queen she'd never have to attend a pageant to be my queen. This child is such a hoot, I wish I could freeze time and keep them little forever...Oh and daddy taught her how to spell ANGEL. Sera how do you spell angel? SERA mommy! I'm going to miss this!

Finally Miss Josey, oh Miss Josey, she is as bull headed as they come, I have to say though she's definitely Daddy's little girl... Of all of our girls she's that one who is the definition of daddy's girl. Her personality is so vibrant. Now that she is learning to talk much more her words are so funny and her little twang is so cute... I'm going to miss this!

All that said, while each of them are  special in their own way, I love them all the same... I'm going to miss these little moments... Not all that long ago at work someone asked me which one I loved the most... Clearly she does not have kids, and heaven help us when she does, BUT I was in shear amazement that she assumed that I had a favorite, clearly she wasn't her parents favorite...LOL! Sorry that was mean, but as a mother, my fangs came out. How dare you tell me that I have a favorite. Of course I guess I should consider the source when someone with a cat tries to give me parenting advice!

To my girls... I love you all very much... You are so special to me each in your own way...One day I hope you know this!

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