Monday, January 4, 2010

Lack of posting last week-no my fault! :)

So in my 101 in 1001 I said that I would be blogging more. I had been doing really well, until Tuesday hit. All week I sat in my cubicle feeling horrible, but not knowing why. Tuesday evening I stopped by the grocery picked up my RX and really needed a few other things, but just couldn't bear the pain so I walked straight out the front door of Kroger got into my car, picked up my kids and headed home.Wednesday I awoke, got ready for work, and simply could not stand so my husband helped my back into bed. This pain was not pregnancy pain this was something that I had never felt before, I felt as though I was going to die! Later that morning I called the doctor, he said to proceed to labor and delivery so I complied. How silly did I feel and look at 10 weeks walking into Labor and Delivery... The hooked me to IV's and began running tests, however they were not listening to where the pain was, FINALLY at 4:00a shift change the most amazing nurse, Charla started hearing what I was saying she called the doctor and we were on our way. He ordered an ultrasound and more blood work. I got to see my little peanut, its growing so big, little arms and legs a beautifully round head and a very strong heartbeat. I have always been excited about ultrasounds, but after two miscarriages this simple little test is so much more amazing to me. Needless to say I have a "sludgey" gall bladder... EWWW! That is what was causing my emense pain. A few IV drugs later and viola I was feeling better, until they switched me to oral... they do not work nearly as well! After four long days in the hospital, I am home and back to blogging.

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  1. Oh dear that sounds painful. Glad the baby is ok!!