Friday, February 26, 2010

AHHHHH Freak out time!!! So much to do and so little time!

So much to do and so little time... Isn't that the coined phrase of not only every mother, but every person these days? With MSC (many small children) I think that has become my motto.... I know I need to do something about it, I really do. My new goal is to focus on something more positive instead of the negativity that can sometimes bring.

We are reaching crunch mode as far as Ohio Southern Celebrity Pageant prep goes... I am leaving work at 11 to finish packing, clean out my car, find fruffy socks, and on and on and on... The van is scheduled to pull out of the driveway no later than 4pm! Once we arrive and settle in we will need to register and we've been invited to a meet and greet with Eden Wood. She was featured twice on Toddlers and Tiaras. While I am pessimistic that the girls will make the actual "focus" of Toddlers and Tiaras, I have been assured that they will be filmed. I think that they are looking for more "edgey" children and parents. We are far from that and I am fine with that. I am not changing who I am for television. On another note Eden's talent agency would like to meet with the girls, and I am all for it. Josh has even signed onto the thought of our kids being famous.

After all of this hard work and fun, I am thinking that we will be listing all of our pageant attire up after this, it is totally up to the girls at this point, but I'm thinking this is it... We shall see.

I really need to update my 101 in 1001 post. I have really accomplished a lot of the items, and the post should reflect that.

My blog is in need of an update... a new layout, and I'd really like to figure out how to place links in place so they are more readily accessible...

I purchased two new cookbooks this week... The Amish Cookbook Volume 2... I LOVE Vol. 1, and $5 dinners... I am hoping to get back to STICKING to my menu plan... I have a menu plan, but life seems to be getting in the way... I need to FOCUS! Josh has to get his LPL and Cholesterol down... I know at 26 right? but its got to be done, so we are going to be changing our eatting habits as a family. Including spending more time around the dinner table together!

I am super stoked that one of the items on my New Baby Wish List will be arriving this weekend... A good friend Jessica let me know that there is a store relatively close has them for $27 each! And she happened to be going there this weekend, she offered to pick two up for me!!! Yay!!! I can't wait!!!

I suppose that's all for the moment. I'm going to try to blog from the hotel tonight, but if nothing else, I will post pictures over the weekend of all the events... I am SUPER excited!!!! and nervous and a basket case. :)



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