Friday, February 5, 2010

What a

Sooooooooooooooo...... what a long week this has seemed, however the week ahead will be even longer, I'll explain later.
this movie!!!!!! We had homemade pizza which was yummy!!!! I have found a super easy and QUICK pizza dough recipe. Here is the recipe :

2 1/2 C flour
1 C water-warm
1 t salt
1 pkg active yeast
2 T vegetable oil

Mix the yeast and water till the yeast dissolves, add the remaining ingredients... let dough rest 5 minutes,  seperate to two pans top with yummy toppings and bake 12 minutes at 450!

DELISH!!!! :):):):)

Today State Farm did a WONDERFUL thing!!!! The closed the office 3:30 hours early, just enough time to finish lunch and time to go! Yay!!! I stopped at the store and did my shopping for next week so that i can prep it all for the week ahead. Menu planning has been getting easier per se. I am all planned out for the rest of the month.

This upcoming week I have Kentucky Licensing, even though I'm going to be an Ohio adjuster... Makes no sense, oh well. Anyway, the state of KY requires that if you even answer the phone on a KY claim that you be licensed in their state. No other state requires this... Go figure, right? Class is 8-5 daily and then homework.... I haven't had homework in 10 years!!! Ridiculous if you ask me! LOL

We are still busy planning for Toddlers and Tiaras and the Ohio Southern Celebrity Pageant... It is a lot of work. Talking about TV, this week was wonderful! The Duggar's are back... Baby Josie Brooklyn is coming along, I know that through God all things are possible, Jim Bob and Michelle are a true testament of this. God has been trying me lately, not that he's not supposed to, but wow he really does make you work for it!

Baby #5 seems to been doing well... No major drama thank goodness. I will be more at ease when I hear the heartbeat again on Friday. It is just something I need right now... reassurance. I mean we've had so many complications even getting pregnant this time that I am learier than I have EVER been. On another note, we found an adoption agency that we are going to use the next go around. Yes we have healthy babies, but there are two reasons behind this... 1.) my body cannot handle this anymore, and 2.) these babies need a home too. CAS in NC is the agency and they specialize in domestic infant adoptions. We'll enlist them after baby 5 is born....

Well that's enough randomness for tonight I suppose.


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