Friday, March 9, 2012


Dear darling daughters-you are my world, know that I will protect you... We will get to normalcy again soon. Dear Husband-I'm annoyed that you are in California, although Ashley says it's beautiful. Drea-I know you miss your daddy dearly, I hate to see you cry everyday... but if you would talk or skype with him it might make you feel better. Payge- Thank you for being a big help.... you are definitely going to make some young man a very good wife and mother.  Sera-You know how to make me smile... I love your free spirit kinda attitude. Josey-I'm still upset you decided to cut off an entire piggy tail... although, I guess your new "do" is growing on me. Lybertei- You are starting to finally use your words more and more and I love it. Dear Husband-While I am bitter you are in San Diego... I miss you bunches and can't wait for you to come home for your leave.... and then I'll be bitter again once the real deployment begins...

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  1. Oh no, someone cut off a pigtail?! Yikes! Haha.